He’s All That: Addison Rae’s Netflix Debut Has A Release Date

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There’s hot news about “He’s All That”: We have the first pictures for you, a little teaser about the Netflix remake, and an official start date!

“He’s All That”: First teaser for the Netflix film with Addison Rae in public

It wasn’t until March that we found out that Netflix had cast Addison Rae for a cult remake! The TikTok star is said to star in the new film “He’s All That”, a remake of the classic “One like none” (She’s All That). We have already received the first teaser and exclusive pictures from Netflix. This is the first time we see Addison Rae in her film role and she looks fabulous as always. The TikTokerin the Netflix remake will play an influencer who will take on the challenge of turning the school’s biggest loser (played by Tanner Buchanan) into a prom king. In an Instagram post, the stars of the film also revealed a start date for “He’s All That” …

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Addison Rae: The release date for “He’s All That” known

TikTok star Addison Rae loves to surprise her fans with things that no one would have expected from her. The year has just started and the TikTok star has already grabbed a fat role in a Netflix movie and she also released her first single, “Obsessed”. Now that we already know what Addison sounds like as a singer, of course, everyone wants to know how she’s doing as an actress. We have good news for you: we don’t have to wait long! The stars of “He’s All That” announced on Instagram that the film will open on Netflix on August 27th. The streaming service announced all films in a video on YouTube, to see. Netflix seems to firmly believe in the film, according to “Deadline”, the streaming service paid an impressive 20 million dollars for the rights to the remake. From the second 0:35, you can see Addy in her role and the first scenes from “He’s All That”.

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