Highschool of the Dead Season 2? What Are The Possibilities

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Highschool of the Dead Season 2? What Are The Possibilities

It’s been 10 years since we first saw the Highschool of the Dead anime, and so far, we still have no traces of a second season. Although some will already know the reasons why we still do not see a second season, many still do not know the reasons why we will never see a new season. The reason why this time we will talk about this.

A manga paused indefinitely

For starters, Highschool of the Dead anime is an adaptation of a manga of the same name. The content that remains to animate may not be enough to produce a second season, although perhaps it is for some short series of OVAs. Which could leave a bitter taste to fans seeing the potential for a continuation that may not be possible, since the manga was paused indefinitely.

The death of one of the creators

For years there have been rumors about the two brothers behind the manga, some have said that both have fought and they did not see each other again. Others said that one of the brothers was recruited to work on a video game related to zombies, many claiming that it was Resident Evil.

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Sadly, after years of rumors, it was revealed that Daisuke Satou, who was in charge of the script and plot, had serious health issues that caused the manga to go on hiatus indefinitely only to later reveal his death from ischemic heart disease.

Daisuke Satou was the mastermind behind HOTD, he was the one who in the company of his brother created the characters and the plot that we see in the anime, it is impossible to resume the manga with a story as great as we know it if the creator is dead.

A brother who wants nothing to do with Highschool of the Dead

Shouji Satou is the brother who is still alive, who does not want to know anything about HOTD since it reminds him of his deceased brother. Although it’s been a while since Daisuke’s death, Shouji is still sad about losing his brother and has mentioned that only his brother Daisuke could continue with Highschool of the Dead.

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Also, even if Souji wants to continue HOTD it would be impossible since he was only in charge of the drawing, so it would be too difficult for him.

A work destined for abandonment

Sadly, it has been 10 years since the anime ended and 7 years, taking into account the chapter published in 2013 since the manga was on indefinite hiatus. If some of the companies involved in the production of the anime had been interested in producing a continuation, they would have agreed to animate a continuation that could even be a second season.

Although we said that a second season might not be possible, if you take only the material available, it is possible to use the material available and create an original, non-canon ending that could end the plot.

In the end, both the brother who still lives and the companies involved have turned the page, starting new projects, so we could never see a continuation.

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