Hit and Run Season 2 release date updates: Will there be a new season?

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Hit and Run Season 2: Hit and Run is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. The first season of the Netflix original series premiered on Netflix Friday, Aug 6. We had no idea that this show could become so popular and would resonate with viewers in the United States and around the world. Just a few days after its premiere the Netflix original series is near the top of Netflix Top 10.

After watching the series, it’s clear to see why fans are falling in love with Hit and Run cases. Now fans want to if Hit and Run season 2 is coming to Netflix or not.

How many seasons of Hit and Run are there?

As of now, there is only one season of Hit and Run and it is available to stream on Netflix right now.

Will there be a Hit and Run season 2?

So now, Netflix has not renewed Hit and Run for season 3. That’s not surprising to us. because Netflix hardly announces renewals so close to the release date. Also, it seems like Hit and Runs season 2 will happen again on Netflix. If we have to guess then we can surely expect Netflix to bring a new season for this series because of its immense popularity.

How many episodes are in Hit and Run season 2?

If we assume that the series gets renewed for season 2, then we think there will be between 8-10 episodes in the new season. The first season of the series had nine episodes which are quite weird for a Netflix show. While there are certain exceptions and most Netflix shows are 6,8,14 episode seasons. We will see a similar number of episodes in the second season most likely.

Hit and Run season 2 release date (expected)

Netflix has currently not renewed the Hit and Run season 2 as of now, but when the streaming network does, we will get a much better idea about its release date. However, if things go well then we will like to see Hit and Run season 2 on Netflix sometime around 2022. Usually, there is about a 12-month gap between the seasons of Netflix shows so let’s see when the makes decide to bring the new season.

Also, for the fans who are super excited for season 2, there’s nothing to worry about Hit and Run season 2 getting postponed for 2023 right now. But we will keep you updated on the release date as soon as we find out any details on the same.

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  1. Hit and Run is a fun suspense show. There needs to be a season 2 to see Segev find his daughter. Otherwise Netflix just wasted all our time! I wish they would also consider filming some of the nicer parts of both Tel Aviv and New York. What’s the point of filming in different countries if you don’t show the audience some of the lovely locals. It doesn’t always have to be seedy.


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