How I Met Your Father: How Will The Show Connect To How I Met Your Mother?

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Confirmed: ‘How I Met You Father’ will connect with ‘How I Met Your Mother’

The protagonist, Hilarie Duff, has revealed that the cast consists of her and three male characters. Who is the father?

Hilary Duff, unforgettable for being Lizzie McGuire and the new protagonist of the successor series How I Met Your Mother that Hulu prepares, has advanced some super interesting details about the long-awaited How I Met Your Father. The future series, which had been in the spotlight since the original ‘sitcom’ came to an end in 2014 without actually materializing, has become a reality thanks to the American ‘streaming’ platform, so that We are still not sure who will be responsible for its broadcast in our country, HBO or Disney +.

As its name suggests, How I Met Your Father promises to repeat the general structure that brought so many successes to the unforgettable comedy and will tell us how Duff’s character, Sophie, met the father of her child. The protagonist’s story will take place in the future, while the plots she narrates will take place in our present, 2021. Thus, as in How I Met Your Mother, through her memories we will get to know Sophie and her more thoroughly. the closest group of friends. These are in their twenties and in the full stage of self-discovery, looking for what they want in life and looking for the love of their life among the infinite options offered by dating applications.

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In addition to what we know from the official description, Duff’s latest statements reveal new details, such as that it will be connected to the original series and that we can expect cameos from the actors and actresses that made up the original cast: Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, and Jason Segel.

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I don’t want to say too much and the script is going to change a bit. But it has a connection [to ‘How I Met Your Mother’] and I hope we get some fun appearances from the original cast.

This was commented by a cautious Duff in an interview on SiriusXM in which she also promised: “great characters” and be delighted to be about to form a new television family. “There are a lot of love story opportunities with this show because it’s Sophie and three guys, so there’s going to be that constant question of, ‘Who is the father?’ And we go through all that youthful experience of Sophie, finding love through dating as it is today.”

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Duff’s statements confirm that the main cast will consist of her and three male characters and that, among them, could be the father.

At the moment there is no scheduled date for How I Met You Father, but we are already looking forward to knowing who is chosen to accompany the actress in the long-awaited new ‘sitcom’.


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