How I Met Your Mother: She Was Originally ‘The Mother’! Plan B!

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The mother from How I Met Your Mother has long been a secret. We had known Plan B since season 1!

“How I Met Your Mother” turned the identity of the eponymous mother into a huge thing. From episode 1 on, fans wondered who she should be now. Every now and then there were little hints, but it should be until the finale of season 8 before we could finally see them for the first time! Okay, what happened to her in season 9 may be one of the worst series finales of all time for many fans, but we don’t want to talk about it today. Today it’s about who the mother should have been if things had gone differently …

The “Plan B” mother was seen in season 1

It’s such a thing with series: As a maker, you never know if and when a series will really hit people and become successful. “Breaking Bad” took longer to really take off, hardly imaginable these days, right? And that’s how it was with “How I Met Your Mother”. Sure, the series was super popular right from the first season, but it could also have been that the series had to be ended at any time. Series makers have to adjust to this. In this case, they already had the mother’s identity up their sleeve. Fans have already got to know them in an early episode: It was Victoria, the likable baker from season 1, played by Ashley Williams! The makers of the series have even admitted that Victoria if the 8th season had been the last, would have become the “mother”! Unbelievable? By then, it was already clear to the people behind the series who the “emergency mother” would be.

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Victoria’s role in season 7 almost looked controversial

The authors revealed even more: The return of Victoria in season 7 of “How I Met Your Mother” would have looked almost completely different – and rather tasteless! We remember: Victoria returns to Ted’s life and lets him persuade her to leave her (soon to be) husband standing in front of the altar because Ted is of the opinion that she is “the one”. Oh, Ted … wasn’t be left standing in front of the altar himself and should know how awful it feels like? But back to the topic. Ultimately, nothing came of the two (surprise) because Ted couldn’t let go of Robin (SURPRISE!). So far, what a shame. So Victoria got off better because originally the actress should have been put in a “fat suit”. The idea was that she would have accumulated almost 300kg body weight during her time in Germany. Oh, man! We can already imagine how tastefully that would have been handled on the show, especially with characters like Barney in mind. It was definitely a good decision by the people behind the series to forego such a “joke” and not ride the popular “body shaming wave” for a few flat jokes! Even Ted actor Josh Radnor couldn’t explain the justified fan anger about it.

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