How Teens Want to Solve America’s School Shooting Problem

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How Teens Want to Solve America's School Shooting Problem

Following the increased shooting of students in American schools, the teens have raised the occasion to solve the problem. For the last few decades, most of the students have lived with the reality of shootings, but this time around, teens have had enough of sitting around while the adults in power do nothing.

Most of them believe that no weapon is as powerful as their voices. Here are the following ways teens want to solve America’s school shooting problem through their voices.

How Teens Want to Solve America's School Shooting Problem

Rigorous tests for gun holders

Of late, the United States government has not been keen when issuing guns to different applicants. There are no mandatory all-day classes for those applying for guns or renewing their firearms. As a result, most students with semiautomatic rifles hardly know much about using them effectively.

The students argued that the government should follow countries like Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom that have put their citizens through rigorous tests to ascertain whether they are fit to own a gun. Most of the teens claim that the excuses that the state officials are giving are not good enough for a nation dedicated to ensuring its students’ safety.

The rigorous tests and mandatory all-day classes will prevent most college students from applying for guns. That’s because they will have a hard time juggling college load and a rigorous set of tests. If you are a student struggling with essay assignments, you can seek help by accessing argumentative essays about law enforcement on Samplius. The professionally-written essays found on that platform will ensure quality content for you. This will help to maintain high scores in your education.

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Raise Age to Purchase Firearms

The number of semiautomatic firearms among teens above 16 years is enormous. Most of them do not know how to handle their guns and are highly controlled by their emotional feelings. The semiautomatic rifle fires as fast as you pull the trigger. Most students have raised their concerns about having the government raise the age to purchase firearms. 

Allowing a teen with emotional trauma to own a semiautomatic firearm has resulted in many shootings. This year research states that gun violence in America is at its crisis, with more than 100 people killed every day and more than 200 being shot and wounded.

How Teens Want to Solve America's School Shooting Problem

Pass extreme laws

Most teens have expressed their concerns over the recent shootings by claiming that the solution to the school shootings is the regulation of gun laws and not the Second Amendment. The constitution of the United States rules that the rights of people to keep and bear arms should never be infringed as its security of a free state.

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Most of the shootings are committed due to the unbecoming behavior of the gun holders. The teens suggested a need for laws that can keep students safe to be enacted in all states. These harsh laws should apply when one has to use a firearm for defense.

Threat assessment programs

With the recent surge in shootings, most teens claim that even though they love their country, the current government has not gained any favor from them. In addition, the teens have expressed their anger for politicians who are taking money from organizations dealing with guns to some extent.

The teens have then raised their voices that the government should create threat assessment programs to detect any social media posts that seem to threaten other students. This comes after most of the students who have committed such crimes were found to have had similar posts threatening gun violence. The teens claim that these are obvious signs that should never be ignored.

Initiate trauma-informed emergency planning

There are myriads of challenges that teens face daily. In some cases, most teens are so focused on achieving their goals to the point of getting discouraged to continue with life if they fail to achieve the target.

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In the event of a failed dream, most of them undergo trauma as they often feel like they have worked so hard and they deserve the best. Leaving a rifle in the hands of students experiencing trauma can be destructive as they can quickly shoot their colleagues in case of confrontation. That’s why teens in the United States call for effective initiation of trauma-informed emergency planning to help the affected students.


The effects of gun violence on the students in America are so rampant that teens have to intervene and raise their voices. It’s always traumatic to witness your college friends being shot in the broad light, and only little action is taken. The above points summarize how the teens want to solve America’s shooting problem.       

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