How to Build a Kick-Ass Marketing Team

Itziar Morte

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Our marketing departments have evolved over the last few years requiring these departments to be dynamic, familiar with technology solutions and understand the hybrid world of traditional and digital strategies.

If you are in the industry of marketing and you haven’t spent time learning something new over the last five years you are either in a company that is still practicing “old school” methods or you’ve found yourself needing to find resources to help you navigate the place in which marketing and technology have merged.  

The marketing technology line is becoming increasingly blurred, so how do you build a kick-ass marketing team that will help you take your marketing strategies to the next level and leave the company that you work for in amazement of the things you and your team accomplish?

You cannot build professional and effective marketing strategies without team organization, that’s a fact.  Strategic and creative people lead to strategically creative marketing campaigns.

Now, let me warn you this article will only help if you are honest with yourself.  Building a kick-ass team takes looking back over the last year’s marketing performance and identifying the campaigns that were successful and those that weren’t.   It’s never easy on the ego to identify areas that failed or were a disaster, but it’s that awareness that makes us better, so go ahead take a few minutes and look back over the last year and write down on paper the successes and the failures.  You can’t go further without doing that.

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Once you’ve done that, you are ready to start constructing your team.  Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Step 1: Evaluate your current team members.  What experiences do they have? What skills do they bring to the table?  Are they strategic thinkers? What about self-driven?  Are they more experienced in traditional rather than digital?  What areas of weakness are you continually faced with? What strengths stand out to you? What skills do you need more? This assessment is extremely important, you need to be able to recognize the stars within your department while also being honest about the weaknesses that exist.  Your superstars are those on your team that knows the business, and the benefits and have a passion that helps drive successful marketing initiatives that in return propel the company to succeed.  
  • Step 2: Evaluate the structure of your team.  Are you set up for project success?  Are external resources enable to create great work efficiently?  Are the decision-making process and procedures understood so that items aren’t ending up in the black hole?  Have standards for marketing materials been identified and socialized throughout the team?  What are the strengths of the team structure? What are the weaknesses of the team structure?  Could it be improved?  If so, how?  
  • Step 3: Identify your team captains.  A kick-ass team will have the right players in the right roles.  The first two steps in the process probably gave you an eye-opening review of what’s working and what’s not.  Your team captains are the individuals that bring a solid foundation of talent to your department.  This is key to strategy development for both the present time and the future.  They bring the experience to the table and provide direction, the rookies look up to these individuals and walk out of a meeting confident in coordinating and implementing the efforts.  In the end, it’s the rookies that shine.  Make sure you have identified the captains, inspire them to lead, encourage them to mentor and give them the support they need to do so.
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Through this process, you may have identified that it’s time to start recruiting fresh talent, and re-invigorating current talent and the time has come to begin introducing new skills to your team. Of course, all of this must be done while maintaining and keeping intact the core team’s strengths.  That’s how you build a kick ass marketing team. 

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