How to Earn on Your Tech Skills While at College

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It is no secret that AI is taking over the job market. The demand for skilled tech specialists is growing day by day. So, a lot of companies are willing to hire students that can learn on the go. And that is a huge advantage to any tech student who’s looking to make some extra money. But there’s also a growing competition for the exact same reason.

Luckily, there’s always a way to monetize your tech skills. Regardless of your level, you’re likely to find a gig that will require your knowledge. And after you get experience working in the field, it would be much easier for you to land a stable job after graduation. So, here are some suggestions on how to start your tech career in college and get an additional income. 


The easiest way to monetize your knowledge is tutoring. It is a viable choice for a student of any discipline. But there are not many people who can provide affordable tutoring for computer science classes. And if a research paper writing service is able to take on most of your papers, understanding coding will require a tutor. So, you can offer your services to freshmen.

You might run into some temporary difficulties to attract clientele. People are not usually willing to pay for a tutor with no experience. So, you can propose an affordable price to your first student and work with them consistently. And see how the good word about your teaching skills will land you students. Soon, there will be a line for your tutoring services.  

Technical Writing

Do you have a way with words about technology? Then, look no further than technical writing for your next side job. There are plenty of one-time and long-term projects on verified freelance platforms. So, you’ll never be in a lack of orders. Plus, you can explore all kinds of technical writing for yourself and pick up the most suitable one.

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Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. For instance:

  • Writing manuals. Technical writing involves writing instructions to devices.
  • UX writer. A more creative option if you’d like to explore writing the text for apps to navigate users. 
  • Writing for a tech blog. Many tech companies have blogs to present their product or the latest news. And they are always looking for skilled writers.

Web Design

If you have an artistic itch to scratch, give web design a go. It requires as many technical skills as artistic ones. You have to understand how the layout of the website works and how to make it aesthetically pleasing for a user. Plus, it has to be easy to navigate through. So, you’ll have numerous problems to solve as a web designer. And thus, you will be compensated well.

Besides, almost anyone needs a website these days, whether it’s an emerging brand or an influencer. You can even try out your web designing skills by offering them to a friend for free. Thus, you’ll get practice, a project to add to your portfolio, and someone who can vouch for your work. 

Front-End Development

Are you interested in more than designing a website? If you’d like to get into website creation from start to finish, consider looking into front-end development. It will require your programming skills more than artistic ones. But it also makes you a do-it-all specialist. And that is a huge advantage in the job market.

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Granted, it would be harder to find a freelance gig for such a job with no previous experience. But you can always practice and do some free projects first. This way, you have something you can show your future clients. 

Digital Marketing

With the rise of social media, digital marketing took off. And there is plenty of room for tech specialists in the field. SEO and SEM jobs require more technical thinking than a copywriting gig does. Of course, there’s a larger portion of marketing than engineering here. But that’s an advantage if you’d like to explore marketing from a technical perspective.

And since there are plenty of openings that require tech skills, you’ll always find a paid position for yourself. Thus. pursuing digital marketing is a great way to work in a relevant field with good career prospects. And you’ll learn a new set of skills that will benefit you greatly after graduation.  

Network Maintenance

Are you a problem solver? Then, network maintenance is the field for you. If you’re not frustrated with 404 errors, you’ll be the right person to fix even more complex issues. Network bugs and errors happen all the time. And since the number of users is only growing, a skilled specialist would always be needed. 

Notably, this line of work would require more of your attention than freelancing. In some instances, you would be needed at the office. But the good news is that you can always find ways to work in shifts. So, you won’t sacrifice your college education or your career. And it’s going to be a real chance to secure a stable full-time job afterward. 

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Data Analytics Internship

Finally, if you see yourself working as a data scientist in a stable company, looking for an internship would be a smart choice. Unlike most of the previous options, data analytics is not very compatible with freelance. But at the same time, you’re not likely to get a full-time job in the field without compromising your education. So, consider searching for an internship.

This path will take you some trial and error. You’ll have to consistently look for the openings. Meanwhile, work on your CV and make sure that you succeed in your STEM classes. Since working experience is off the table, presenting high academic achievement and dedication will be your best chance. And a heads up in your career is guaranteed.   

Wrapping Up

So, that’s about it. If you’re looking for ways to monetize your tech skills consider tutoring freshers. Consider delving into technical writing to monetize your writing talent and knowledge in tech. Look into web design and front-end development if you’re passionate about website creation. Try your skills in the growing field of digital marketing or a steady network maintenance position for prosperous career options. And finally, look for an internship in data analytics if you’re looking for ways to get into the field while in college. 

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