How to Rent a Car Under 21 in Atlanta: What you should know

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Everyone has places they want to go for different reasons, including you, regardless of your current age. Children tend to enjoy adults taking them out, but it is different for teenagers or adults under 21. You will prefer to reduce your restrictions, especially after passing your driving test. However, getting a car rental under 25 in different places is tough when you want to go on a drive. So here is some enlightenment on things that will help you rent a car in your location.

Car Rental Under 21 In USA: Main Things You Need to Consider

The process of renting a car is simple but might be technical if you happen to be below age 21. The major cause for this technicality is that many USA car rental services don’t trust young adults. It is because young adults have little experience compared to older drivers creating a higher rental risk. Due to the age barrier when opting for a car rental under 21 atlanta ga you get to have few options. You can read all the needed information in this article!

State Laws

Each state has the laws that govern them, and it also affects the age to rent a car for citizens. Most states and countries don’t allow any citizen below age 21, but some allow if you are 18 and above. You find these 18 minimum age requirements in states like Michigan and New York City. You also enjoy special discounts and benefits when renting a car under 25 as a military or official personnel. These benefits are also open to you only if you are between 18 and 20.

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However, you will still get the chance to rent a car, and here are things to note before taking steps:

  • State laws
  • Rental company’s policy
  • Rental Costs

Rental Company’s Policy

The rental company’s policy is another thing to note aside from meeting the laws of the state you Live. Simply meeting the state’s criteria doesn’t mean every USA car rental company will serve you immediately without any issue. They all have their policies and will not break them regardless of your reason, so you must take note. Try to find out if they offer services to citizens under 21 or particular candidates like military or official personnel.

Rental Costs

The rental costs vary across states, especially with age boundaries, with some being higher than others. There is a fee that car rentals for 25 charges would likely affect you in New York and Michigan. This fact also includes Atlanta Georgia rental cars under 25. You will also pay a state surcharge fee depending on your age bracket, which is divided into two parts:

  • 18 – 20 years (New York and Michigan alone)
  • 21 – 24 years

The state surcharge for under 21 car rental is always higher than for those above that age due to insurance. You can skip the Under 25 fee surcharge but only with companies that offer a fee waiver for your rental.

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Can You Rent a Car Under 21 In Georgia?

You can get a car rental under 25 in Georgia but meet some requirements beforehand. Georgia laws don’t allow car rentals for those under 25, except you are a military or official personnel with solid proof. Despite offering rentals based on that requirement, you need to be at last 18 years to be considered for rental service. So, you can’t rent a car if you are below 21 years in Georgia, except you meet those requirements.

Do I need to have documents for booking in Atlanta, GA?

Every driver, regardless of age, driving skills and country of residence must have a set of documents to get a rental car. In order for you to use a car hire service, you first need to have a passport or one of the other documents that certify your identity. This is necessary to draw up a lease agreement and insurance for the driver and passengers in Atlanta, GA

What you will need:

Your document may be an international passport or travel document. To rent a car abroad, your document should not be expired and damaged. In the passport you must have your photo;

If you are less than 21 years old, you must have a driving experience of at least 1 year. Please note that there should be no car accidents and other incidents in your driving skill history. You must have a driver’s license of international format (this is a plastic card);

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Van in Atlanta?

Renting a car in the US has its costs depending on car type, which goes for van rentals. There are different types of vans, and the daily rental prices are also different in Atlanta. The average general cost to rent a van in Atlanta goes between $79 and $130, depending on the van type. You can check out a minivan or a full-size van with different prices attached to them.

The average additional charge for a driver under the age of 21 ranges from 9.99 to 25.99 dollars. The average payment for an additional driver (this person must be over 25 years old) is from 3.99 to 6.99 dollars. This is a useful feature if you are planning a long journey and do not want to spend time spending the night in hotels.


Renting a car in any location you reside requires you to research and inform yourself about the details. You now know the age to rent a car in your area and what to note. However, you still need more information like the companies offering under 21 car rentals in your location and abroad. Researching those that offer a car rental without under 25 fee USA will also help you make better rental choices. So to sum up, it will be fair to say that there is no better way to enjoy the trip to Atlanta than taking a safe road trip with a vehicle that accommodates all your needs.

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