How to watch South Park: Post Covid?

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Yes, you heard that right you can watch South Park: Post covid online. The paramount special series is finally arriving and the story is taking boys off their familiar home of Comedy Central except for the fact they are no longer boys.

Post-Covid is one of the best picks when it comes to what to watch Thanksgiving Weekend and as the name suggests, it follows Stan and the town of South Park to their adulthood. post the pandemic it was released in a press release that South Park Studios will answer the questions of “what happened to the children who lived through the pandemic?”

The press release also reveals that Cartman and Kenny have also survived in the story and Stan’s chaotic father is also there in the story. In short words, it looks like things are getting very bad for everyone again. While South Park specials will be on HBO Max and Comedy Central this even will also become one special event for Paramount PLus. Luckily Paramount Plus is on all the best streaming devices so there is no need to worry about accessing it.

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Here you can check the trailer of South Park: Post Covid Special and find all the details about how you can watch.

How to watch South Park: Post Covid special in the US for free

If you want to watch the South Park special then you can stream straight to Paramount PLus. If you haven’t subscribed to it then you can use the code PEAKSALE when signing up for your Paramount Plus. South Park: Post Covid actually arrived at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT on Thursday, Nov. 25.

This is the first 14 South Park specials that were made exclusively for Paramount Plus. The series will bring new debut seasons on Comedy Central. It is going to run for a minimum of 30 seasons. Talking of the seasons 25 AND 26, they will air on HBO max 24 hours after airing on Comedy Central.

How to watch South Park: Post Covid in Canada and internationally

So now for the ones who were looking to watch South Park: Post Covid outside of the United States on Thanksgiving Day? The answer is yes you can watch it but we are not completely sure about it.

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The official announcement from South Park’s press release mentioned that the special series will feature on Paramount+ in the United States on Thursday, November 25th. The series will also have a rollout in the Nordics, Australia, Canada, and Latin America. There is also some confusion that whether or not the international versions of Paramount PLus will have the special on Thursday or not.

Now if you are someone who is traveling outside the United States but planning to watch South Park: Post Covid then you can simply use a VPN service like Express VPN or anything else that can make it seem like your device is located back home.

How to watch South Park: Post Covid online anywhere on Earth

We know that Paramount Plus is not available everywhere even if it is expanding its reach to different locations. But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have Paramount+ you will miss the South Park: Post-Covid movie/special. All you have to do is choose the right VPN as you can stream the show from wherever you go. There is plenty of VPN that can help you stream the show while sitting anywhere around the world.

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In conclusion, we can say the only sought-after way to watch the new South Park series is through a Paramount+ subscription.

Paramount+ premium plan costs around $9.99/month, in which you stream to your favorite shows without any ads. In case you are fine with occasional ads then you can also opt for $4.99/month plan.

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