How to write a perfect thesis statement for your movie essay review

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perfect thesis statement for your movie essay review

Movie reviews are interesting assignments that allow students to expose their vision of the films and their plots. Getting assigned to create a movie review means developing a thesis statement representing the main idea of the author that would be described in the paper. Our article would present some working hacks on how to make your thesis statement perfect.

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To get working tips and hacks from a teacher’s point of view on writing a thesis statement for your movie essay, read the pieces of advice below. 

Start with watching a movie

Proceed with gathering the details on the movie you are going to review. An effective recommendation from a teacher would be to watch a film twice. The first time you need to watch it as a movie spectator, like if you do not have to write a review. You would get a correct first impression and opinion as a part of an audience. The second time you watch the same film, you would require taking notes. It will help if you prepare a checklist to analyze such points as: 

  • Script
  • Direction
  • Cast and acting
  • Cinematography
  • Scenery

Creating a checklist would let you know you did not lose any vital details and noted all the essential parts of the movie’s plot. Afterward, you would use this checklist to develop a thesis statement and proceed with writing a review.

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Decide on the main argument

The function of a thesis statement is to present the central argument of the author. When a teacher reads the introduction of your movie review, the thesis statement will give a clear vision of the following content. That is why you first need to take time to think over the whole review content. Afterward, you would have to synthesize a statement that would combine all the vital ideas.

Formulate concisely

A working thesis statement is not only about determination and the idea. Note that it must be clear and concise when you formulate the central thesis for a movie review. By reading your statement, the audience must understand your opinion and see the exact direction of your thoughts. Your formulation must guide readers to the core points and entice them to read more. A good thesis statement represents your thoughts properly.

Take care of the introduction

You need to implement your thesis statement in the structure of the movie review correctly. When you create an introduction, quote the film’s title and mention the significant people who made the movie. Then you can proceed with the thesis statement. Expose the core idea that you are going to widen in the text.

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Implement the thesis statement in the body

When you write the body paragraphs of your movie review, make sure to support the thesis statement with arguments and ideas. Please add examples from dialogues, scenes, characters’ arcs, etc. Your audience must follow your thoughts and understand how you chose the statement you defend.

We hope these pieces of advice were helpful enough to make your thesis statement for a movie review brilliant. We wish you good luck with your studies!

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