Hype House: Fans Issue Petition To Cancel The Show On Netflix

Itziar Morte

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What’s going on here? Netflix has to hear a lot about the TikTok series ” Hype House” right now

  • Does Netflix score an own goal with this production?
  • Is Netflix losing its users because of the “Hype House” production?

Can you believe that? The Netflix in-house production has not even gone online and has already triggered a huge wave of hate! We’re talking about the new reality TV show ” Hype House ” with some well-known TikTok stars. Some Netflix users are outraged that the streaming service simply wants to produce “something” and include it in its program. The younger generation, who are on TikTok every day and maybe a fan of one or the other web star of the “Hype House”, is happy about the series, but thousands of Netflix users see it very differently. Again and again, the young people do the Hype House namely negative headlines with some wild corona parties that they throw in their villa! The Netflix users don’t see paying their monthly fee for it. After all, Netflix only increased the amount again a few days ago. Angry Netflix -User has started now a petition that the production and launch of the TikTok series ” Hype House are designed to prevent.” Over 13,800 people have already registered. And that’s not all. The user threatens Netflix also to terminate their subscription completely if the streaming service is not of the project ” hype House distancing”.That could be a huge financial loss for Netflix.

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Netflix relies on TikTok stars.

As had Netflix determines a different reaction hoped for. The TikTok collective ” Hype House ” has several million people who reach each other with their content and a large fan base. And with the production of the reality TV series ” Hype House “, Netflix is not relying on the reach of a Tiktok star for the first time. Just a few weeks ago it became known that Addison Rae (80.1 million followers on TikTok; as of May 6, 2021) was hired by Netflix for the cult remake “Eine wie keine”. How many votes did the petition against the TikTok series whether Netflix will really cancel the production of the reality TV series ” Hype House ” or whether the users will quit – none of that can yet be estimated. How do you think the shit storm will end?


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