“I felt protected”: Rosamund Pike supports Eiza González about her wishes in Hollywood


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After sharing the screen in ‘I Care, A Lot’, Eiza González and Rosamund Pike have become united and have even shared intimate things and professional desires. The Mexican actress recently revealed that she felt protected with her co-star when he confessed to her the vision of her that he expected of her in Hollywood in the future, as he fully supported her.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eiza Gonzalez shared what her relationship with Rosamund Pike was like, with whom she starred in Netflix’s ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you’. According to the actress, they have a close friendship since said production of the streaming platform and have been able to share a little about the wishes they have within the industry in which they operate.

According to the also actress of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, she has been able to be honest with the nominee for the Oscars, about the way she considers she is seen in Hollywood and, also, how she wants that perspective to change soon through her worked; as well as the obstacles and frustrations that she has experienced during this work process that she started from an early age.

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Rosamund and I are very good friends, and I have always shared with her my first vision of wanting the business to see me in a different way and sometimes struggling with that.”

At the same time, she adds the way in which Rosamund Pike has supported her on this issue, since she has given her words of encouragement in new projects that are on the horizon, since they will work together again in ‘Three Body Problem’, where the Mexican actress will be protagonists and the winner of the Golden Globe, executive producer.

‘This is going to be the cure you’ve been praying for. This is your chance to go down a different path and I know you’re going to do a good job with this role.’ So I felt very protected by her…”, the actress commented on what Rosamund Pike told her.

For now, the two actresses won’t just maintain the intimate bond they developed with ‘I Care, A Lot’; on the contrary, they will be together again in a new project, although in a different way. We will have to wait how “Three Body Problem” progresses in the following months, where DB Weiss will be the creator of the series, the first after his adaptation of “Game of Thrones” ended.

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The friendship of Eiza González and Rosamund Pike that crossed the screen

Before ‘I Care, A Lot’, Eiza González and Rosamund Pike had not had the opportunity to meet, either personally or professionally, it was with the production of Netflix that they were finally able to cross paths and it seems that it was for the better. In addition to the chemistry they showed on screen as friends and girlfriends, they remained off camera and now they are great friends.

During the promotion time of said film, they were seen sharing images of them together on the recording set, or at the times in which the tape was recorded. In addition, dedicating words to each other about everything they experienced together during said project and the very bond they managed to form behind the scenes, showing that they really had mutual affection even outside the film.

Now, we will have to see how they continue to work together on a new project, although with roles very different from those they shared a few years ago. Although, without a doubt, there will still be a while for this production to consolidate and allow us to see Eiza González again in the leading role, but with Pike in the part of the executive department.

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