Idris Elba signed for The Suicide Squad without knowing what he would do

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idris Elba The Suicide squad

Despite not knowing much about the character he was going to play, this was the reason why Idris Elba decided to do The Suicide Squad.

It seems that in Hollywood it is becoming a habit that artists sign up for projects without knowing what they will do. The secret is one of the elements that can best be used so that the final result meets expectations, since they will not have a way to rise much. One of these cases occurred with The Suicide Squad, in which part of the cast he did not know exactly what he was signing for.

Usually the idea is to hide what is being done from the public, but sometimes to further enhance the development of a project, even the cast does not recognize much of the content until they see it on screen. For it, James Gunn and his work team used this resource when looking for Idris Elba | to star in said film.

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The director had already revealed his desire to work with the actor, who will give life to Bloodsport, occupying the role of the new leader of the group, after the departure of the Deadshot from Will Smith. However, the artist did not really know what it was all about when he accepted the contract. So why did you sign? This commented.

“I signed up because I really wanted to work with James. I think he’s a genius. I was very touched and honored that someone of his talents was truly willing to work with me, even though we did not. He had a necessary roadmap of who the character was. I invested very quickly in exploring that, because we could go anywhere “, he claimed.

Thus, Elba will be one of the most striking signings of this new version of the Suicide Squad. Other shocking arrivals are those of John Cena What Peacemaker Y Sylvester Stallone What King Shark.

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On the other hand, in the returns, they stand out Margot Robbie What Harley Quinn, Viola Davis What Amanda Waller Y Joel Kinnaman What Rick Flag. The film will be released on August 6.

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