in “TPMP people”, the host reveals how she would fool her fans!

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in "TPMP people", the host reveals how she would fool her fans!

Saturday April 30, thousands of viewers were in front of the TV to follow an unpublished episode of TPMP People on C8 presented by Matthieu Delormeau. During the show, the host told an anecdote about Celine Dion!

“I’m going to Vegas, and I’m going to see her sing. She only sings in English and all of a sudden, she sings a piece in French, Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel”, he began before to take on a Quebec accent to imitate the voice of the artist. “Then she says it’s a song that touches me so much that I don’t know if I could go to the end. If I can’t, I’m really sorry. I would have tried (…) After 1min30 , she sings ‘Don’t leave me’, then she turns around, she cries, black light, she stops and then says ‘sorry, I couldn’t go through with it’. But the story does not end there ! “Two days after a lack of luck, I was invited by Valérie Michelin who was there, and who said to me: ‘Come see her’. I redo the show then suddenly, she comes out: ‘I’m going to try to sing Don’t leave me. I really hope I’m going to go to the end because it’s really a song that is touching. And at 1min30 sharp, it starts again!”

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The story of @Mdelormeau on Celine Dion

— TPMP People (@TPMPPeople) April 30, 2022

A story that made the set laugh!

Between cancellation and postponement

Friday April 29, in a video posted on social networks and YouTube, Celine Dion shared very bad news about her tour. “The first time, it was obviously because of the pandemic and this time, it is my health that forces me to postpone the shows of the European tour and unfortunately to cancel some others”, she explained. .

What, once again upset the fans of the singer…

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