Ingrid Chauvin and Philippe Warrin’s Fairytale Love Story

Betty Hose

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Ingrid Chauvin, the actress best known for her flagship role in the series Tomorrow Belongs to Us (broadcast on TF1), revealed a beautiful new love story in an exclusive interview with our colleagues from Télé Star. After her divorce from her former husband Thierry Peythieu in November 2020, the actress found love in the arms of photographer Philippe Warrin – whom she had actually met twenty years ago – and fate seemed to have brought them together again. Despite giving up on a couple, as she wanted to focus her time on her son Tom, Ingrid decided to open the door to a new relationship.

Today, Ingrid plays mom to a large blended family, and is extremely happy with the change. “I would have had a hard time opening the door to someone I didn’t know. There, I find a lost love, which I felt twenty years ago, and which had remained intact deep inside me without me knowing. How lucky! We restarted as if we had left the day before,” she said. “I had given up on the couple. (…) I said to myself: ‘Solo mom, that suits me’. My priority was my little Tom. I had erased any idea of ​​a love life. And it’s when we don’t expect it at all that the pretty things fall on us”, she continued.

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The actress concluded that “Destiny is still new to me and Philippe taught me to trust a man again”. A beautiful and unexpected love story for Ingrid Chauvin, who is now living her dream of a big, happy family.

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