Irina Shayk wears yellow bikini bottoms and sandals in this Sexy Pic

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Irina Shayk wears yellow bikini bottoms and sandals

Irina Shayk stripped down to take part in a photo shoot. She wore only yellow bikini bottoms with matching, tall pumps.

Irina Shayk In a stunning new photo, she looks absolutely amazing! Supermodel, 35 years old, looked incredible when she posed with shoe brand Tamara Mellon Irina was wearing only a pair yellow bikini bottoms. Irina wrapped her arms around herself as she sat down on what looked like a beach. She was wearing a pair of mustard yellow pumps and strappy shoes. “Sun valley @tamaramellon“X IRI,” she captioned her June 27, Instagram post. It showed the raven-haired beauty gazing intently down the lens as her hair fell naturally down her back.

Irina Shayk wears yellow bikini bottoms and sandals
Source: Instagram irinashayk

Recently, Irina was spotted reuniting her ex and Irina. Bradley Cooper During her new romance with Kanye West.They were seen together in the past.Walking together in New York City On June 17, with their beautiful daughter Lea de Seine, 4. 4.Star is Born The actor, 46, held his baby girl in his arms as the supermodel walked beside the father-daughter pair. The Burberry t-shirt she wore was white and featured a bright blue print with two mermaid tails wrapped around her neckline.

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Irina’s death was days after the trio’s most recent outing. Romantic getaway to France With “Heartless” rapper Kanye West He is just coming off a split with his wife.Kim Kardashian.The couple was “Walking and smiling”Around the grounds of a Provence Hotel,TMZ Reports were made earlier in the month. Kanye reached out Irina “about one month ago,”Source Submitted HollywoodLife. “Irina was delighted Kanye approached her and asked her to meet up. She is excited and ready to find someone.

Fans will know that she and Bradley split in 2019. In April 2015, they began dating and had their daughter Lea two years later. Kanye became a married man in February 2021 when Kim, 40, filed a divorce. He and Irina are co-parenting their four kids together, much like Irina.

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