Is Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 coming to Netflix in 2022?

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If you ever watched Winx club in your childhood you might surely have been following this series since its first season. So the good news is that Fate: The Winx Safa, the Netflix original live-action adaptation of the children’s cartoon series is set to update bloom and girls for a new and mature story in the upcoming year.

Fate: The Winx Saga is a Netflix original teen fantasy drama series that is based on the highly popular cartoon series Winx Club. The filming of season 2 is underway and it is returning for season 2 at Netflix. The series was already renewed in February that exciting the viewers who had fallen in love with the series despite its good and evil promise. The filming of the second season of the series began in the month of July and if we believe the reports then it got wrapped up this month.

Fate: The Winx Saga has been created by Brian Young who is also going to return back for season 2 as well for her directing duties. The duties will be further bifurcated between  Lisa James, Hanna Quinn, and Stephen Woolfenden. The Winx series is a special collaboration between Rainbow SpA, Archery pictures, and Blood Productions.

Season 2 Release Date Predictions For Fate: The Winx Saga

Unfortunately, the series won’t be making a return back for its premiere anniversary. As the series got wrapped up earlier this month, the post-production schedule will last for over six to eight months even if we expect the fastest post-production time from any series. So the earliest fans could see Fate: The Winx saga on Netflix would be in first half or summer 2022.

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As the series ended on a cliffhanger note with its first season, we are anticipating that the series will surely pick up from where it left in the second season. So as per our predictions the story will pick up from Alfea College entering a new era and new cast additions will also be there. Season 2 of the series is also expected to have a total of eight episodes again just like season 1.

When do we expect to see Fate: The Winx Saga season 2 on Netflix?

Honestly, it could take a while before the series makes its way to return back to Netflix for its second season. The filming of the series started in the month of September 2019 for its first season and ended in December 2019. So it took almost 13 months to complete the first season of the series. Now,  if we speculate the same for season 2 as well then our best possible guest is that the series will be available on Netflix between mid or end of 2022.

New cast members For Fate: The Winx Saga

Now the fans who are excited about the new members of the series, here’s what we found for you. Brandon Grace as Grey will be added as a new character of a trans specialist who has been hiding a secret. Eanna Hardwicke will be coming as Sebastian and he is quite brilliant with his morals but sometimes they get a little loose. Another new character you might see is Pauline Chavez as Flora who is Terra’s cousin and also the original member of the winx team from the cartoon era. Similar to Grey, she is also hiding a secret but the magic appears in nature. Flora is also described as someone who has an easy-going character and she is going to retrain her fairy abilities just like she did in Winx club.

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What to expect from the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga?

Rosalind will take over Alfea College

It is said that with the help of the Queen of Solaria, Rosalin will kill Farah Dowling. As she will return as the headmistress in the second season, it is clear that she is going to use that authority as her power to push bloom to unlock more of her powers. We can also see Rosalind is going to take this opportunity to push all the students to become even stronger. This will ultimately turn them into soldiers that will fight in the war to come out.

Will more fairies sprout wings?

As Bloom is going to be the first fairy who is going to sprout the wings, we might also see other fairies learn how to do the same. But we still don’t know that why her wings got activated but if she gets an idea about it then she might be able to help other fairies learn this ancient magic spell as well.

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Bloom’s powers grow stronger

As we saw that season one ended with Bloom’s dramatic fight with the burned ones, in which Bloom was also able to sprout her own wings. This brings even more powerful magic into her. As her new magical powers are unlocked, the bloom is going to become even stronger in the upcoming days. The source of Bloom’s power is the magical Dragon Flame and if she learns to control then she might be able to get rid of Burned ones in one go for good. In the new season 2, we will see bloom managing and learning to control her new powers so that she can use them in the right direction.

So, this was all which we knew about Fate: The Winx Saga season 2. If you are interested to know more then stay tuned to our website as we will keep on updating our article with new releases as soon as any update comes from the makers. Do share your expectations from the series, Will you be watching it? answer us in the comments section below.


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