Is HBO Max A Better Option Than Disney+?

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Let’s go a little back in time. When it came to streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix was the first name that popped into our heads. But that’s not the case now. 

When on-demand streaming culture was on the rise, some new players were introduced to give Netflix one heck of a competition. 

And among those introduced players, HBO Max and Disney+ are platforms that fall into the top-tier section of streaming services.

But how will you solve the mystery when it comes to choosing one between the two?

Because both offer some astounding content and if you make this the talk of the table between your friends who follow streaming platforms then the discussion can turn into a heated one pretty quick.

So let’s not talk foreign and ask the real question first. If you were Neo and Morpheus gave you a choice between streaming HBO Max or Disney+, which one would/should you choose? (Okay fine it was a bad comparison).

It’s a tough decision to make, right? But let’s dive deeper and provide you with some insights so it’ll be easier for you to choose according to your priorities. 

Starting with HBO Max, it was released in May 2020, which was after Disney+ but a big part of the world was already aware of the TV giant. Because you’ve probably witnessed the famous HBO Ident at least once before watching a movie or a show. Not to mention the uncountable TV and movie hits.

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HBO and HBO Max have a total of 69.4 million users including 41 million domestic subscribers.

It has a total number of 2000+ movies and 580 TV shows including some original box office hits.

HBO Max gives you a little something of everything. Shows like Game of Thrones, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Doom Patrol are kinda its thing.

It has a subscription plan of $14.99/month which falls into the expensive scale if we compare it to other streaming platforms.

However, it also has a cheaper plan of $9.99 but you’d have to watch some ads. Although it can be annoying, HBO has promised that you wouldn’t have to watch more than four minutes of commercials in a streaming time of one hour.

Other than that, you cannot download offline movies with the $9.99 plan and there’s no support for 4K video quality.

So if you’re okay with watching ads, have an internet connection all the time, and are satisfied with the 1080p resolution then you can go for the $9.99/month plan.

But with both plans, you’re allowed to watch HBO Max content on three devices simultaneously with HBO’s compatible devices.

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HBO Max is compatible with devices including Android phones and tablets, LG TV, Roku, Windows and Mac browsers, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS devices, and Samsung TV.

Moving over to Disney+, it’s a lot cheaper than HBO Max. The monthly plan of Disney+ is $7.99/month. 

Not only this, you can get addons of Hulu and ESPN Plus along with HBO Max if you throw in some more bucks and pay a total of $13.99, which is still cheaper than HBO Max.

It was released in November 2019, before HBO Max and it’s a portal to access all the Disney movies and TV shows. It offers a huge catalog of animated movies and TV shows, approximately 7000+ episodes of TV shows, and 500 films in total.

It has a total of 118.1 million subscribers as of its 4th quarter of 2020 which is far more than HBO Max’s statistical numbers.

And if you want to watch all the Marvel movies in order from the early versions of Spiderman till the Avengers then Disney+ will feel like heaven to you as the streaming giant owns Marvel Studios.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of the Star Wars Franchise then Disney+ owns that too. You can easily watch all the Star Wars movies with some hot popcorn.

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Other than that, you can watch shows like The Runaways, The Simpsons, Kimpossible, What If, and Life Below Zero. Movies include The Lion King, Toy Story, and The Greatest Showman.

You can watch on four different devices simultaneously with a single Disney+ subscription plan.

Disney+ is compatible with devices including Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Roku, LG TV, Playstation, Xbox, Sony Smart TV, Computer browsers, and VIZIO Smart TV.

So as you can see, Disney+ can be considered the winner if the price is the factor here as the HBO Max subscription plan is double the price of Disney+.

But you can go for the 33 percent discount plan and get the $9.99/month plan for HBO Max if you’re okay with ads.

And while Disney+ offers everything superhero, sci-fi, and animated, HBO Max offers a greater variety of genres in movies and TV shows so HBO Max wins in this category.

Disney+ has all the Marvel masterpieces while HBO Max provides you all the DC Comics originals. So the choice is yours.

Do you want to be a member of the Justice League or the Avengers?

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