Is Jaden Smith Gay? Here’s What We Know About It

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Jaden Smith is one mysterious guy who is kinda now stranger to the spotlight. Although he is the son of megastars Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the 22-year-old actor and rapper has been attracting an audience as a performer since the age of eight. He also brought himself to the limelight alongside his dad in the 2006 movie The Pursuit Of Happiness and went on to star in many other films like After Earth, The Karate Kid, and more. However, in recent years fans have been wondering if Jaden Smith is gay? So in order to answer this question in detail, we take a deep dive into what we know about the love life of Jaden Smith and let’s find out the reality behind his love interests.

Jaden Smith has been in the spotlight for his relationship news since ever. While his career has always been filled up with great success, her love interests and relationships depict a different story. The star has also been romantically linked to both Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie. He himself even opened about being with Tyler The Creator’s boyfriend. This also led fans to speculate about his sexuality but Jaden never commented on the same whether he is gay or not. At present Jaden Smith is single and is promoting his newest album CTV3: Day Tripper’s Edition.

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Why Fans Speculate Jade As Gay?

Most of the fans suspect that Jaden Smith is gay because of his comments about fellow rapper friend and collaborator Tyler the creator. The truth behind their relationship between them might not be more than bromance but just because of Smith’s statement fans have begun to romanticize the situation.

Jaden also has made multiple public comments Tyler his boyfriend but fans also point out that he has begun making claims ahead of the release of some new music people. Some speculations are also there that Tyler was using all these things to amplify his musical career especially when he made one of the statements that Tyler had been his boyfriend for his whole life.

It is not also a very big shock for Jaden to choose to be close to a male friend, he also posted some thirst traps that led another of close friends, Justin Beiber, and posted some tongue emojis. There’s always a certain kind of little flirting between the friends and it’s quite normal.

Is Jaden Smith Actually A Gay?

The androgynous style habits are just a few indicators that Jaden’s fine with being himself regardless of what people would think about. Now fans already know clothing has literally zero to do with someone’s orientation. Now other worth noting things that say Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner once dated This rumor although came years ago, was very well documented and could be a very big indicator that Jaden is not necessarily gay. We know his past dalliance with Kylie does not rule out the possibility completely but we can maybe make a guess.

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Some fans even pointed out that when Jaden was joking about dating Tyler on a show he also talked about his girlfriend in the same show as well. He made the statement in the form of a joke, it was also disrespectful for the rumored girlfriend at that time he was suggesting that he was dating someone else. When it comes to speculations we do not have anyone evidence to portray anything for sure, so it could really go either way.

Despite so many rumors, Smith also never officially commented on his sexual orientation, the innovative star has become an LGBTQ+ icon for his gender-fluid fashion choices. In 2016, he also appeared in a pleated skirt and cool leather jacket for the Louis Vuitton campaign. Now he created his own non-binary fashion line.

Who is Jaden Dating In 2021?

Jaden Smith was last seen recently on a screen in the film Life In The Year 2020. The chemistry on the screen of the two actors was completely magical. The actors were even praised for their acting skills. He was also seen kissing his co-star and model Cara Delevigne on Valentine’s Day 2021. There was also news that Jaden even gave a red rose bouquet to Cara. But we do not have any confirmation on the same.

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Jaden Smith was able to bag the MTV Movie Award for his outstanding performance in 2007. Jaden is not just an actor but also began his career as a designer and has also started his own clothing line. We can completely call Jaden Smith a multi versatile actor rapper at a very young age and he is truly an inspiration to many youths. In short, we can say that there’s no truth to any of the rumors until the rapper himself confronts the truth in front of his audience and fans.

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