Is Joaquin Phoenix Returning For Joker 2?

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Is Joaquin Phoenix ready for the Joker sequel? New details revealed

After hints of a sequel to the hit movie were revealed last September, a story from The Hollywood Reporter has raised fans’ expectations.

Los Angeles California. – After the success of the Joker movie in 2019, fans could not be more excited and eager to have new news of a possible sequel to the film, which had already been mentioned in 2020.

This has become a trend once again, because, according to a story by The Hollywood Reporter, different projects based on comics and superheroes are being carried out, including the Flash movie within the DC universe, but they also make it clear that there are four films that are not from this company, as “ The Batman ” was mentioned in which Robert Pattinson will participate.

In the same story, reference was made to the fact that they were working on a series associated with Gotham PD, Joker, and “a planned sequel,”

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This report revolves around Warnes Bros’ plans to make an upcoming Superman movie, and rumors that, for the first time ever, he will be played by an African-American actor.

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Despite all the news they reported, the mere fact that they mentioned Joaquin Phoenix and “Joker” caused a slight hope in the fans, as they have been animated on social networks asking for more information about it.

The fact that they mentioned that they were “working on the project” refers more than anything to that they still have planned to carry out the sequel, but there is nothing confirmed yet, and it has even been said that it may or may not include Phoenix as the protagonist.

At the moment, and after the success of The Justice League of Zack Snyder, DC plans to release The Suicide Squad next August 6, 2021, which will hit the theaters platform and HBO.

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For their part, Marvel fans are anxious about the premiere of Black Widow on July 9 and the rumors that indicate a reboot of “Fantastic 4” with Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski as the protagonist.

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