Is Las Vegas Now a City of Sport?

Jonny Hector

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Think of Las Vegas and what do you picture? The casinos? The fountains of the Bellagio? The residence performances from the world’s top artists? Sports? The last one might not be something that springs to mind. Though the profile of sports in Las Vegas is on the rise, it is incorrect to describe the city as “now” being one of the sports.

The Turf Clubs

Sports and Las Vegas have gone hand in hand for years. Back in the 1930s, gambling became fully legal in the state of Nevada and the Las Vegas that we know and love today was born. While the casinos grew up on the strip, there was another type of business growing too – the Turf Clubs.

These were America’s first legal sportsbooks, where odds and wagers were taking on horse racing events. Though they fell away as the 20th century progressed, later to be replaced by the casinos’ own sportsbooks, they are an indicator of the length of time that Las Vegas has loved its sports. Though the sporting scene here has evolved over the years, it is incorrect to describe it as “now” being a city of sport – it always has been!

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Alternative Sports

There are three major franchise teams in the city, but they are not the only games being played here. If you are interested in everything that Las Vegas has to offer in terms of sports, you need to check out some of the alternative games being played here. A good shout is always poker!

Las Vegas is easily the poker capital of the USA. Whether you play a few hands in a casino or check out the Main Event of the WSOP, there are some great poker games waiting for you here. Every year, the very best poker players flock to this city to take part in the WSOP. With games taking place both at the casinos and online at GGPoker UK, no matter where you turn there will be a fantastic opportunity waiting for you. If you want to see what the American poker scene has to offer, this is probably the best place in which to do so.

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The Major Franchises

As mentioned above, Las Vegas is also home to three major franchises – the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA, the Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL, and the Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL. All three of these have extensive fan bases. On top of this, there are several minor professional teams and plenty of amateurs too. This means that there is a great sports culture within Las Vegas, and there is always someone to support.

It also means that there are brilliant venues that, while primarily used for sports, can also be turned over to concerts and other events. A prime example of this is the Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders. It is the destination for many top artists in spite of its short lifetime – from rock and roll legends the Rolling stones to K-Pop sensations BTS.

Though you might think that there is nothing here but deserts and casinos, you could not be more wrong. The world of Las Vegas is truly its own bubble. From the tourists to the everyday folk, there is something for everyone here – and that includes the world of sport. If you want to know what the world of the sport looks like in Las Vegas, you won’t be short of places to turn. Don’t stop at the major franchises – truly dive into the world of Las Vegas sports and see everything this city has to offer.

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