Is Mephisto the great villain of Loki?

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Is Mephisto the great villain of Loki?

And ‘Loki’ finally arrived at Disney +. The series starring Tom Hiddleston recounts how, after creating different timelines as a result of his escape with the Tesseract in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the God of Deception ends in the Agency for Temporal Variation (AVT). And at one point in the first episode, an element has appeared that has made fans start to theorize …Mephisto will appear in the new Marvel Studios series?

The supposed wink at Mephisto arrives at the beginning of the chapter, when investigating a crime in medieval France the AVT agent, Mobius M. Mobius he interrogates a girl about the responsibility of some deaths. When you ask who did it … the little girl points to a stained glass window in which a demon with large horns appears and red face dressed in a robe.

However, to the disappointment of fans, who already speculated with great force about the presence of the demonic character in WandaVision, the director of the series, Kate Herron, has wanted to quickly disprove this theory, ensuring that Mephisto, the Devil in Marvel comics, will not be in Loki and that this is simply a coincidence.

Honestly it’s just a super weird coincidence. It is as if it were, in truth, a reference to Loki, the horns, Whoever was thrown out of the sky, that’s what we were thinking about, “he told Entertainment Tonight.” We shot this long before ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ was released, “he adds.

It will not have more importance for our series and it is not a nod to that character“, settled the director. Michael Waldron, main scriptwriter of the fiction, has also rejected the appearance of Mephisto in ‘Loki’, although admits that it would be “interesting if it ever appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe”.

With which, it seems that the marvelita fandom will continue to wait for the House of Ideas decides to bring Mephisto to the MCU. So who is the hooded man that Loki must hunt down and who has the TVA in check?

As revealed by Mobius to the god of deception himself, it would be a variant of himself as revealed before the series shows how in 1859 a new crime is committed against the Agency for Temporal Variation that ends the lives of several agents. With which, the Scandinavian deity will have to face his ‘evil twin brother or sister’, it opens the door to other unknowns, why are there more versions of Loki and how will this affect the different timelines?

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