Is October Evans Dangerous? – Detailed Information On The Shocking Allegations against her

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Social media might not have a lot of ills that need to be addressed urgently, but a few can use it as a form to enforce social justice. Especially when we talk of the TikTokers in particular they are using the platform to warn people about various different stations and people. With that, the recent person who was outed on TikTok as a dangerous personality is October Evans.

Now let’s further discuss her in detail to know whether she is actually dangerous or not. October legally changed her name from October Rain Evans and the reason behind it is due to the recent popularity of TikTok as a dangerous personality.

Who Is October Evans?

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October is a deaf and non/binary and trans musician who is also a singer and songwriter. She is 28 years old and her new single Sleeping Awake was recently released in the summer of 2021. There is also information that she is a trans woman who is a self-employed entrepreneur who has also been traveling worldwide to create certain kinds of music. Now, she is a multi-instrumentalist and ASL music performer who is in her self-titled solo project that comes along with the acoustic lead and rhythmic guitarist.

October Evans Is Dangerous Controversy

You might have seen how one of the most searched things on google and trending things on Twitter was found out to be the controversy of October Evans. Now people from around the world want to know about the controversy, why is she dangerous, and more. We also get obvious hints from her account because it is either deleted or disabled so only limited information is available on the internet about the controversy associated with her.

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A famous TikToker Paris Glass also recently posted on TikTok a video that claims she has a very important message to share with the audience. The semi-cryptic video, featured Paris spelled out in red that: ‘OCTOBER EVANS IS [email protected]

If we believe the reports then October Evans has been accused of various heinous acts like bullying, racism, and misappropriate use of charity funds. The viral video set off an internet search for various October Evan’s alleged crimes. Besides that, after a few days, Paris again shared another video that portrayed October’s special media accounts and aliases. They together accused October of harassment, stalking, and an indigenous personality before reaffirming that she is white. The video uploaded by Paris ended with an ominous message that reads:

“Avoid this person at all costs. They are unhinged and dangerous.”

Besides that, Paris also claimed that October created a fake charity scam to collect money from people. There’s also a tweet that somehow weights the allegation as well. Twitter (check here)

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“October Evans has been masquerading as a 501 (c)3 organization to steal money through well-meaning donations. She started off doing this in the SW industry, and now she intends on preying on trans people. Make sure people know who she is.”

Emotional manipulation is one major tool that is being used by October. According to the February 2020 post by Pheonix Found, October even threatened to suicide to get what she wanted. One of the shared messages reads:  “I’m going to hang myself in front of Mistress Salem’s house, and she won’t even know it’s going to happen,”.

There have also been claims that say Evans has a way of searching for victims in the transgender groups and then finds her way to manipulate and use them. The message in the post says that October Evans is dangerous. It reads:

“She applied for our organization in 2019 and had her listing pulled after many reports came in of her sexually harassing other professionals. We don’t tolerate that sort of behavior here and never will. Unfortunately, it seems like she’s been using Facebook groups to find housing. We ask that you consider her a dangerous person and not engage with her in any way

Now, if we believe the data from our sources there seem to be over 20 victims who all are LGBT, deaf, disabled or BIPOC. These all things have together involved Evans into controversies for a long time now. She has also been reported for stealing money from an organization through scams like charity and donations.

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October Evans TikTok Account

There have been reports that the app management company and the team have recently deleted the account of October Evans even from the web. Evans was famous for the musical creations that she used to upload on TikTok quite frequently in order to promote her music. She was also available on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. At present all of her social media accounts including Instagram and Twitter were ones are disabled. Despite being such a great music sensation in New York, Washington State, New England, and Oregon, we really don’t understand how she got into such allegations.

Now, we do not actually know whether all the news circulating around her being dangerous is true or not. Also, the allegations imposed on her, so until she herself clarifies everything we will have to wait and watch what things come out.

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