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It hasn’t been that long ago when Ivy park as part of their collaboration with Adidas introduced ‘Icy Park’, but here we are with yet another one (Flex park). The singer, Beyoncé’s brand Ivy Park teased on their Instagram page the advent of a new line of swimwear as part of the brand’s collaboration with Adidas through promotional pictures and a video with the caption ” HOW DO YOU FLEX?

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The video also features the tagline “How Do You Flex?” in the beginning. Adidas announced on June 25 that Ivy Park is set to test the water with their new line of swimwear “Flex Park.”


According to the promotional pictures and videosthe line of unisexual swimwear collection comes in the citrus shade with the signature stripes that the Adidas line of clothing usually has. The colour of the swimwear is tangy and bright, well the sun shouldn’t be the only thing that should be bright. The line’s bright orange bodysuits and bathing suits, from sexy cut-out one-piece to high-waisted bikini bottoms are screaming summer. The line also features classic athletic staples like shorts, slides, and gym-ready crop tops all of these have the good old Adidas’ signature stripes, with the models wearing them while posing in the gym, thus giving a muscle beach vibe to the line. The collection will have a size range from XS-4X so as to give all body shapes and size the bodysuit they deserve. The brand will also showcase swimsuits made out of 85% recycled materials.

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 The singer of lemonade created her and dropped her first collaboration with Adidas in January 2020, last fall she dropped “Drip 2” and early in February this year, the singer’s brand collaborated with Adidas and released a line of winter wear under the title “Icy Park” featuring models like Hailey Bieber, rapper Gucci Mane, singer Kaash Paige, and models Akesha Murray, Shi Gray and Kyla Coleman and more. The collection of winter wear was promoted as “Icy Park”. It is with her first collaboration that she made her clothes generally unisexual after she saw a lot of her male fans wearing them. In response to a fan’s question, the singer said this to Elle last year “[The Adidas collection] incorporates my personal style and expands that to include something for everyone. I love experimenting with fashion, mixing high and low, sportswear with couture, even masculine and feminine.


According to the brand, “The Flex Park swimwear capsule collection emphatically celebrates the empowered spirit of confident self-expression and individuality — positively and boldly.” 

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 The fan’s reaction to the news is hilarious but at the same time conveys their love for the brand’s clothing. If one thing is sure it is that we will be seeing a lot of oranges this summer, especially amongst celebrities thanks to Beyoncé. The collection will go live on Adidas’s website in July 2022. And everybody is excited especially those who couldn’t get a hold of the Icy Park collections. The line will get sold out soon so save that money get that suit, have that hot girl summer and show them how you flex.

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