Jacob Batalon Addresses Rumors of Becoming Hobgoblin in ‘Spider-Man 4’


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The events of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ may be the most defining events for the Marvel Cinematic Universe since ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Fans began to speculate about the appearance of Hobgoblin in the next installment of the character, but actor Jacob Batalon has come out to clarify the information about it.

There are many things in the most recent installment of Tom Holland for Marvel that advance some details about ‘Spiderman 4’, such as the suit, the appearance of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, or also the appearance of Matt Murdock. And although at the moment little is known about this confirmed fourth installment, now we have a small preview.

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While Tom Holland has confirmed that he will be taking a break from acting after the end of his current series for Apple TV, plans to continue with the character remain. Although it is not clear what we will see on the tape up to that point in the UCM. In an interview for Variety, Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned, tells us a little about the plot.

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From all my years of working for Marvel, I feel like I’ve learned not to say anything. I can’t really talk about things and then say something that might actually be true and then screw something up.”

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When the actor was asked about the possibility of becoming a Hobgoblin in the plot of ‘Spiderman 4’, Jacob Batalon quickly ruled out knowing anything about the subject, preferring to keep everything that Marvel plans for Ned’s character, as well as more details. of history

Ned becomes the Hobgoblin in the Spiderman comics

And it is that as some know, in the comics, the character of Ned becomes Hobgoblin, the third time the character was seen in action, after he was brainwashed to become a villain. We could already see a nod to this stage of the character in ‘No Way Home’, when Jacob Batalon assures Peter of Tom Holland not to betray him and kill him.

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Now that the Marvel films, and especially ‘No Way Home’, have become much more famous, Jacob Batalon talks about how he has dealt with it all: “It taught me a lot about experiencing the world and what it really means to be someone who loves it. people admire, in a way.”

At the moment it is too early to know the first details of ‘Spiderman 4’, considering that it is likely that we will know nothing about it until at least 2027, after the temporary withdrawal of Tom Holland from the cameras. It may be Jacob Batalon’s destiny to become Hogoblin, but as the actor says: “Where Marvel goes is up to them.”

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