James Bond: No Time To Die Might Get Delayed Claim Film Experts

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James Bond movie No Time To Die might have no choice but to move its release date again, say film experts.

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures took a dig and delayed Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick to 2022 from its November release date due to delta variant concerns. As the series stands long-delayed James Bond movie is still set to hit UK cinemas on September 20 and after a week in the United States. However, according to new reports by Variety, experts claim Daniel Craig’s 007 finales might still be forced to get delayed.

According to the reports from Insiders, unless there is a significant boost in the attendance of viewers in cinema, “No Time To Die” may have a choice but to move its release date more forward. This is one such movie that both Disney and Warner Bros have been taking for their tent pole movies.

However, Marvel Studios’  the Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang-Chi hit UK cinemas today without a hybrid release on Disney+ like Black Widow.  so there are no doubt studio eyes will be looking to see how the superhero movie does.

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Whatever is the case, Bond need to make hundreds of millions just to break even which is now proving to be a difficult mountain to climb as the pandemic continues to effects our lives. There’s no doubt the original 007 producers might have hoped for the No Time To Die box office collection to cross at least 1 billion similar to Skyfall.

But as per the latest Fast and Furious movie, that comes from a series made just &704 million this summer and the only reason is the pandemic. So even with less than 30 days to go until No Time To Die’s release, the 007 movies could still delay. Although if we expect some positivity and if No Time To Die sticks to its current release date, it will now have less competition.

So for many weeks, Bond’s only competitors would be Venom and Dune later that month. Even with a small opening during the weekend, the results for No Time To Die could still be a very big spot for everyone. Having done with the maths, M16 HQ doubts the new Bond movie can be profitable on its current release date.

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The outlet calculated that No Time To Die needs to make at least $928 million at the global box office just to break even, with their projection being between $481-530 million. No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on September 30th and US movie theatres on October 8th,2021.

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