James Gunn has a blacklist of actors banned for their bad attitude

Jonny Hector

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James Gunn

The director of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ saga has become the most sought after by studios such as Marvel and DC for his talent in turning the comics he brings to the big screen into a success. The actors are also dying to put themselves under their orders because it is a guarantee that they will have stable and well-paid work if the film in question leads to several sequels, which almost always happens.

James Gunn is well aware that he can choose between the biggest stars in Hollywood these days, so he’s not shy about replacing any of them if they become a headache or act like a diva.

“If it’s his temper and it’s something serious, I’ll find another actor immediately,” he said on Twitter in response to a follower’s question. “Life is too short to put up with im*******s. The same applies if they are repeatedly late, which is something I hate, or if they are not prepared. I have a long list of actors, very famous or not, who I will never work with for these reasons”.

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But how does someone get on that blacklist? Gunn takes into account the opinion of other directors, actors and actresses, producers and regular members of his team, whom he fully trusts, and if he receives bad references from someone, he automatically discards said person.

“If they prove to be im******* (not just moody or curmudgeonly, but a real im*******) or irresponsible, I don’t hire them. Some actors I know I don’t even owe consider”.

Curiously, James Gunn is much more tolerant if the problem is related to the performance of one of his actors. As long as they show that they’re “doing their best”, he does his best to make their collaboration work and only replaces them when it’s absolutely clear that they’re hurting the quality of the project.

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