Jared Leto again praises the work of Zack Snyder and his version of the Joker


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Superhero movies have not been very favorable for Jared Leto, as his two characters, Joker and Michael Morbius, were not well received by fans and critics. However, when he returned to play the Clown of Crime in ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ it was something else, and the actor recognizes the work that Zack Snyder achieved.

When ‘Justice League Snyder Cut’ arrived on HBO Max, fans were grateful to see Zack Snyder’s latest work as the director intended it, before leaving Warner Bros. There we saw the Joker once again, in a vision of Ben Affleck’s Batman nightmare, where they exchanged some ideas, which unfortunately did not have further development.

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During the promotion of his most recent film, ‘Morbius’, actor Jared Leto was interviewed by ComicBook, where he talked about his return to play the Joker in the definitive version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and what grateful to be a part of the Snyder Verse.

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It was great. work with zack [Snyder] it’s a beautiful thing. I love it, I really loved the opportunity. It was really special and I really enjoyed it. It’s unique to have been a part of DC and now to be a part of Marvel. It’s amazing”

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It is that, as some may remember, the first time we saw Jared Leto’s Joker was in David Ayer’s infamous ‘Suicide Squad’, of which fans also ask for the director’s version. Subsequently, the original version of Joss Whedon’s ‘Justice League’ did not include his participation, until Snyder took up the character again, and recorded the new scenes with his participation.

Fans keep asking for Zack Snyder in DC

Finally, Zack Snyder was able to complete his vision of ‘Justice League’, with complete creative freedom, and adding some elements to the story and characters that did not exist within the Joss Whedon cut. Although there are still those who clamor for the inclusion of Green Lantern, a character that was removed from the final edition.

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Following the firing of Zack Snyder from DC, it is said that ‘The Flash’ would remove any trace of what the director did for the DCEU, including Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman. Although the new reports since the first test projections ensure that only an alternative timeline will be created.

Currently, Jared Leto is promoting ‘Morbius’, the new Sony movie based on the Marvel characters, where he plays Michael Morbius, a more heroic version of the vampire from the comics, who has not been very well received by the criticism.

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