Jason Derulo Is A Dad Now! Welcomes ‘Baby’

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Jason Derulo has become a dad and has chosen a pretty crazy name for his offspring.

Jason Derulo became a father and has a very special name for his baby.

There’s new baby news: Jason Derulo has become a dad! The singer and his girlfriend Jena Frumes have a healthy son in their life. On May 8, 2020, their little darling saw the light of day and a few hours ago the new parents announced the news of the birth.

They spent the first week in private with their new happiness. By the way, Schatz is meant very literally, because Jena and Jason Derulo have chosen a rather unusual name for their baby: Jason King Derulo. A little crazy, but kind of cute and it suits the couple. Dad Jason Derulo posted a sweet video of this exciting experience on Instagram and wrote: “The happiest day of my life when I was able to bring our son (Jason King Derulo) home. He’s such a lucky guy, so strong, loving, and heroic To have a mother like Jena.”

Jason Derulo is dad: his new life with baby.

In the video, you can see how much Jason Derulo gets into his role as dad. Mama Jena Frumes also posted a picture gallery of the first week as a family on her Instagram profile and wrote: “A little insight into my first week with our healthy, handsome little king. Life now has so much more meaning and I am so grateful. I’m so, so, so in love with this little boy. He’s all I needed without even knowing it. I love you forever @jasonderulo. “We are very happy for the new parents and wish Jena and Jason only the best with their little king. Incidentally, this is the second baby news in a very short time, and Loredana recently surprised fans with her second baby.

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