Jason Momoa And His GOT Character Are Almost Similar

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Jason Momoa is not very different from his character in “Game of Thrones” and this photo proves it
The actor has in common a strange fondness for guns.

Jason Momoa achieved international fame thanks to his character as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones “, (where he shared with Emilia Clarke), the head of a barbarian tribe who took everything he wanted into his own hands. And although in real life the 41-year-old actor has assured that his personality is very far from the character’s traits, his latest whim proves the opposite.

Through his Instagram account, Jason Momoa often shares glimpses of his personal life, hobbies, and projects he undertakes. He recently revealed to millions of fans his latest acquisition, which many linked to his character on the hit HBO series, as the actor was made with a handmade hammer.

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For real-life purposes, Jason Momoa bears a resemblance to Khal Drogo in his taste for bladed weapons, especially axes. It was on his Instagram account, specifically in the stories, where he revealed his new ax made of walnut wood and with a stainless steel edge that is now among his most precious objects.

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As it will be remembered, the burly, sensual and ruthless head of a barbarian tribe conquered the hearts of Khaleesi and that of millions of fans around the world, but unfortunately, the character did not have major importance and had to say goodbye soon because he died on the show. What followed was a spiral of bad news that he could only get out of when he was signed by DC.

This was revealed by the 41-year-old actor in an interview in which he mentioned the time he was reading the George RR Martin book on which the HBO show was based. “When I read the role of Khal Drogo, I was impressed. He couldn’t believe it was happening, he had to have that role. I was like… ‘No one is going to take that role from me,’ ”he said.



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