Jean-Luc Statement on Brigitte Macron Grand-Nephew Assault Incident

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Brigitte Macron, her Grand-Nephew Assaulted: These Words from Jean-Luc

It’s a terrible shock for Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, as her grand-nephew was recently assaulted in Paris. The incident has attracted widespread condemnation from across the French society.

Jean-Luc, the father of the victim, spoke to the media and expressed his sorrow over the unfortunate incident. He believes that his son was targeted because of his relation to Brigitte Macron.

The assailant allegedly attacked the victim without any provocation and fled the scene before anyone could catch hold of him. The police have launched a manhunt to track down the perpetrator.

In a statement released by the Élysée Palace, President Macron and his wife have requested that law enforcement agencies take stringent action against the accused. They have also expressed their solidarity with the victim and his family.

The news of the assault has sent shockwaves across France, with many people expressing their anger and frustration over the incident. Many have taken to social media platforms to condemn the attack and demand justice for the victim.

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This incident is yet another reminder of the urgent need to address the growing problem of violence and hate crimes in society. Brigitte Macron’s grand-nephew may have been targeted because of his relation to the French First Lady, but hate crimes can affect anyone regardless of their background.

It is the responsibility of the government and the citizenry to join hands in eradicating such crimes from our society. Only then can we hope to build a safe and inclusive society for all?

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