Jean-Michel Aulas’ Third Life: Navigating Parenthood with His Partner and Mother of Three

Raymond McKinnon

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Jean-Michel Aulas and his New Life with Partner and Children

Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of Lyon Football Club, has started a new chapter in his life with his partner, Geraldine, who is the mother of three children. The couple has been living together for a while now, and they seem to be enjoying their lives together.

A New Beginning

After ending his 30-year-long marriage with Nathalie, Jean-Michel Aulas found love again in the form of Geraldine. He met her when she was working as a stewardess on his private jet, and their journey began with a simple conversation. The couple has been open about their relationship and has been spotted together at various events and occasions.

A New Family

With his new partner came a new family. Jean-Michel Aulas now shares his life with Geraldine and her three children. In an interview with MSN, he talked about the joy and fulfillment he feels being with them. He also added that he has learned a lot from the experience and is grateful for the love and affection he receives from his partner and her children.

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The couple has been spotted vacationing in exotic locations, attending events and enjoying each other’s company. It is evident that Jean-Michel Aulas has no regrets about his decision to start a new life, and he is happy to have found love and companionship once again.

Embracing Change

Jean-Michel Aulas has been open about the challenges he faced with the end of his first marriage, but he has learned to embrace change and move on. He has found happiness in his new partner and her children, and he is grateful for the opportunity to start fresh.

In conclusion, Jean-Michel Aulas has found a new lease on life with his partner and her children. He has learned to embrace change and is grateful for the love and companionship he has found in this new chapter of his life.

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