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If you were a MySpace user in the early 2000s, you are aware that Jeffree Star has been well-known for quite some time. However, throughout his time in the spotlight, the famous YouTuber, Vlogger, and beauty-mogul have only had a few meaningful relationships.

Jeffree’s love life was kept very low-key in the initial periods of his celebrity. In 2015, he started dating his now-ex Nathan Schwandt, and the pair soon became one of the prettiest and most well-publicized couples on social networks.

Jeffree and the Michigan native seemed to be in it for the long haul for ages. Unfortunately, everything changed in January 2020. Jeffree posted a heartbreaking 17-minute video explaining the couple’s unexpected breakup less than two weeks after they rang in the new year together.

It is unknown when Jeffree and Nate ended things; based on Jeffree’s statement. They have spent a lot of time trying to recover the relationship. Both of them were in disbelief. 

Jeffree had a short affair with Andre Marhold in summer 2020 after the previous lovers split ways. However, he seems to be single as of January 2021. Nate, on the other hand, has mostly avoided the spotlight. The skateboarder posts the odd thirst trap on Instagram, but it seems that he is also flying alone!

2005-2009: Chris Crocker

Crocker is renowned for coining the slogan “Leave Britney alone,” which was hilariously prophetic at the time.

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Crocker reportedly dated Star from 2005 to 2009, before the term “influencer” became popular. Some people think the pair was simply pals since they never verified their connection.

Nathan Schwandt — January 1, 2015, through January 1, 2020

From January 2015 until January 2020, Star engaged with Nathan Schwandt for five years. They shared a California home with a family of Pomeranians at one time.

Star addressed the breakup of their affair in a video titled “We Broke Up.” Schwandt’s aversion to celebrity, the loss of one of their pets, and family health problems were the factors in their separation.

Andre Marhold— August-October 2020

Andre Marhold has kept his Instagram account private. According to a post on Pop Buzz, Andre Marhold is a basketball player who also serves as the CEO of an Atlanta-based talent agency. A video of Jeffree emerged during the early days of the Black Lives Matter movement, shocking many of the YouTube star’s followers.

Jeffree Star was shown in the video making racist comments against the African-American and Asian communities. Many of Jeffree Star’s followers went to Twitter after seeing his latest tweet starring Andre Marhold to accuse him of having double standards.

A Twitter user said that the 34-year-old YouTube star was hiding her activities behind her African-American partner. Many Twitter users speculated that Jeffree Star paid Andre Marhold to be her boyfriend in order to cleanse her name of racist accusations.

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On the other hand, Jeffree Star is no stranger to controversy, having previously been accused of abusing her staff and workers working for her cosmetics business. In any event, it seems like Jeffree is doing his best to keep his current romance quieter than his previous long-term engagement with Nathan Schwandt.

Sean van der Wilt (February 2021 until the present) (rumoured)

Jeffree Star is likely dating Trisha Paytas’ ex, actor Sean van der Wilt, whom she publicly outed in a tumultuous YouTube video.

“He likes when I wear red,” Star captioned mysterious images of a guy’s bare body and an image of his red wig on top of the same towels the guy was wearing on February 28, 2021. And he said that he likes it when that guy does not wear anything.

Soon after, Perez Hilton, a television personality and gossip writer tweeted that he thought the mystery guy was Sean van der Wilt, which he described as a “match made in hell.”

Even though neither Star nor van der Wilt officially verified the allegations, several people have pointed out that Star’s muscular torso resembles van der Wilt’s. We are hoping to get some answers shortly!

Jeffree Star was reported to be dating YouTuber Mitchell Halliday after his split with Nathan.

Just one month after Jeffree and Nathan parted ways, reports say that Jeffree had moved on and begun seeing someone else — particularly Mmmmitchell (aka Mitchell Halliday). According to PopBuzz, when Mitchell featured in one of Jeffree’s videos, he quickly ended the allegations.

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So, while Mitchell and Star were watching the sunrise — not set — certain networks and news sites came up with questions like, ‘Is this Jeffree’s comeback?’ All joking aside, being in a relationship with anybody is the last thing on his mind. Later, Star clarified that they are nothing more than buddies.

In June 2020, Jeffree went on a date with a very well reality celebrity.

Jeffree re-entered the dating scene with a reality TV alum five months after he and Nathan split up. In the clip titled First Date Does My Makeup, he recorded the first date with reality personality Jozea Flores, who you may know from Big Brother and The Challenge.

There are no other known boyfriends.

Jeffree Star has never been in a relationship that has not been public ultimately. Star has said that he has had a lot of hookups that did not lead to a boyfriend relationship. Once, he hinted on Twitter while making a joke about reports that he was dating Kanye West.

Star remarked in response to a Wendy Williams clip that very people ultimately reached to his mouth. But people are always intrigued and speculating about all the possibilities when and wherever available. 

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