Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life son will appear on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11

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But it seems that his character will have nothing to do with Negan … The final stretch is already rolling and opens next August.

It seems that the entire Jeffrey Dean Morgan family will end up appearing on The Walking Dead in one way or another. The ex from Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, and Watchmen, among others, has been Negan since the end of the sixth season of zombie fiction, while his wife, also actress Hilarie Burton, has been commissioned to play Lucille in the episode dedicated to the villain that has served as the definitive end of the tenth installment. Now it has been the son of the actor, Augustus ‘Gus’ Morgan, the last member of the family to get a small role in the series.

As revealed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself, Gus Morgan will appear in the eleventh season of The Walking Dead, which will put the finishing touch to the long history of zombie fiction.

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“I just remembered today that the last time we did zombie makeup, she passed out when she saw her reflection in the mirror,” Morgan recalled with amusement. ” Now he’s going to be a walker with all kinds of detail and he’s going to have a cool little role in the show. I hope this time he doesn’t lose heart because the makeup is going to be bigger. But he’s very excited.”

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From Morgan’s statements, we can deduce that the zombie his son will play, even if it is a minor role, will play a certain role in the episode in question and will not simply be part of a horde or something similar. Can we expect it to be Negan himself that he attacks?

Precisely the episode starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton, ‘Here’s Negan’ (10×22), has been the one that has laid the foundations for a season 11 that will put the finishing touch to the series. It will consist of 24 episodes divided into several batches and the first of them will premiere on August 22, 2021. As the date approaches, filming continues in Senoia, Georgia.

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