Jennifer Aniston Reveals Where Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Brad Pitt Stands Today

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Jennifer Aniston

It was “Hi Aniston”, heard almost everywhere in the world.

It’s been nearly a year since the Internet lost it all. Jennifer AnistonAnd Brad Pitt The Sept. 17 premiere of the film featured a virtual reunion.Dane Cook presents Feelin’ Alive: A Virtual Table View of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.Fans may be familiar with the fact that the stars were married for almost five years before they announced their separation in 2005. They exchanged pleasantries which instantly became the subject of online dissection.Their backstage reunion took place months before the 2020 SAG Awards.

During a new chat at SiriusXM The Howard Stern Show The host discussed the topic with the Friends Alum. As Howard SternAsk “Wasn’t that awkward for me?”

“No!” Aniston said it to him. It was great fun. Brad and I are friends, you know. We’re friends, and we talk.”

She continued, “There is no oddness at any,” she said. “Except for everybody that likely watched it and wanted there to be.”

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Aniston admitted that fans are interested in every detail about her personal life. This is something she tries to keep private. Aniston acknowledged that fans are very interested in any details about her love life, something she tends to keep private.

Stern sought out answers from the actress–who Announced her split From ex-husband Justin Theroux In 2018, she will be asked if she has found love. She said, “I haven’t.” “There has not been much success so far, but I’m open to it.”

If you are still looking for clues, don’t go searching for Aniston at Raya. She said, “There’s nothing anonymous and I wouldn’t have done that.” “I don’t want to do it and I don’t need to.” It’s all fine. “I’m doing fine.”

If you’re interested in a shot with one Hollywood’s most loved stars, make sure to take note of these qualities. She’s looking for kindness, fun and a generous spirit. And, as the comedy star may have indicated, a sense humor.

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