Jennifer Aniston Rubbishes Dating David Schwimmer: ‘That’s My Brother!’

Jonny Hector

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Fans have been hopeful that David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston will reignite their emotions since they revealed that they happened to be ‘crushing hard on each other at the time of the production of ‘Friends’ Season 1 that they were ‘crushing hard on each other.’ The two actors made the announcement at a reunion special that aired in May of this year.

Rumors that Jennifer Aniston happened to be dating David Schwimmer, her former Friends co-star, were described as “bizarre” by Jennifer Aniston. Following the current Friends reunion special, rumors about the actors starting a real-life affair began spreading online in the month of August, but Schwimmer’s agency rejected them as “fake.”

Aniston has spoken out about her reaction to the viral rumors, telling Entertainment Tonight that it was “bizarre.” Actually, she couldn’t believe it. That’s her brother over there! She does, however, comprehend it. It simply goes to show how optimistic individuals are about their imaginations and aspirations coming true.

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During an interview with People, the actor, who is now promoting the second season of her Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, talked about finding love. When asked if she thought celebrity-non-celebrity relationships might succeed, she answered, “Of course.” Absolutely. She’s implying that something has occurred. That’s what she’s looking for. However, it’s not necessarily someone within the business. That would be wonderful, she added.

In June, the 52-year-old Hollywood diva said she would not use dating apps to find a mate. No way, she said to the publication. She’ll just stick to traditional dating methods. Having someone approach you and ask you out. That is how she would like it to be.

Aniston stated she was more interested in finding the perfect guy than married again when asked if she was interested in marrying again. Oh, God, she has no idea, she said. It’s not something she’s thinking about. She wants to meet a wonderful companion with whom she can share a happy life and have fun together.

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