Jennifer Aniston: Why Did She Leave Oscars This Year?

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Why did Jennifer Aniston miss the Oscars this year?

The actress was not among the guests at Sunday’s gala.

Unlike previous years, the Oscar Awards gala had many characteristics that made it stand out from the rest. Although we did see Brad Pitt, the same did not happen with Jennifer Aniston, who chose to go, although amid the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is likely that she did not receive an invitation since she was not nominated.

It is worth mentioning that the organizers of the most anticipated awards in cinema reduced the number of guests to a minimum this year and were clear in announcing that only the nominees would receive an invitation. In addition, these were individual, without assistants and companions to either of the two venues from where it was broadcast (in New York and Los Angeles).

Last year Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt topped the media covers when they starred in a memorable moment at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. At that time they met in the corridors, greeted each other effusively, and even he took her by the arm in an attempt not to let her go, everything is recorded in images.

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And is that the Jennifer Aniston – Brad Pitt duo is one that fans can not let go and they know very well: “It used to bother them how everyone tries to get back together, but now they laugh. The truth is that they support each other. They constantly exchange ideas and share happy news when they have it. They have such a natural and easy energy together, ”a source close to both told US Weekly.

While another informant spoke with People magazine and assured them that the Emmy winner has no interest in her ex in a romantic way.“She is not dating Brad. They are friends and are happy for each other. They want nothing but happiness for each other. He’s happy to have Brad back in his life as a friend, but that’s it. “

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