Jennifer Garner is on a mission to find her missing husband in this thrilling new film

Jennifer Garner Back on the Big Screen

After taking a hiatus from acting to focus on her family, Jennifer Garner is returning to the big screen in the new film, “Peppermint”. The action-packed thriller follows Garner’s character, Riley North, as she seeks revenge after her husband and daughter are killed in a drive-by shooting.

A New Role for Garner

Gone are the days of Garner playing the lovable, girl-next-door type. In “Peppermint”, she takes on a gritty and intense role, reminiscent of her character in the television series, “Alias”.

“I loved playing this character,” Garner said in a recent interview. “She’s a total badass and it was a lot of fun to get into that mindset.”

Finding Her Missing Husband

In the film, North disappears for five years after the shooting, only to resurface with unparalleled fighting skills and a vendetta against those who wronged her. One of the main plot points is her quest to find her missing husband, who she learns may still be alive.

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“It was important to me that Riley wasn’t just a one-dimensional character who only cared about revenge,” said Garner. “She’s a mother who wants justice for her family, but she also wants to find her husband and bring her family back together.”

Back in the Spotlight

“Peppermint” marks Garner’s return to the spotlight, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“I took a break from acting to focus on my family, but now that my kids are older, I’m eager to get back to work,” she said. “This film was the perfect opportunity to do something different and challenge myself.”

Get ready to see Jennifer Garner like you’ve never seen her before when “Peppermint” hits theaters in September.

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