Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert: The Most Successful Contestants on “American Idol”

Farwa Raza

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She has a long Hollywood career as a singer and actress.

It was 2002 when “ American Idol ” was released on television, attracting thousands of participants who were looking to be the next singing star in the United States. It wasn’t until season 3 that we saw Jennifer Hudson appear for the first time on the screens impressing the judges and other contestants like Adam Lambert or Kelly Clarkson.


Although Jennifer Hudson went far in the competition, she did not win that edition, but it did not mean a setback in her career. On the contrary, she is one of the most successful “ American Idol ” contestants: she played Effie White in 2006’s Dreamgirls and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress that same year. He has participated in films, series, and musicals and has a long career as a singer.

Throughout the years, Jennifer Hudson also starred in movies like Chi-Raq, Sing, Monster, and Cats. This same year she is awaiting the premiere of ” Respect “, where she will play none other than Aretha Franklin in the biographical film that made her return to her roots in music. And in parallel, he prepares for other film projects.

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In Kelly Clarkson’s case, he released eight studio albums and sold more than 13 million copies together. Throughout his career, he has won three Grammy Awards and managed to expand his career beyond his work in music. In 2017, Kelly Clarkson joined The Voice as a coach and has remained on the show ever since.

Another well-known face on “American Idol” is that of Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert. He has become an LGBTQ + icon and highly respected musician with a career that spans many genres. As a solo artist, Adam Lambert has released four studio albums and in recent years went on a tour as a vocalist alongside the legendary rock band Queen.


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