Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Confirm They’re Back Together

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We have a piece of great news for all the Jennifer Lopez fans out there. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially back together. Now it’s time you dig out your old jeans and your flip phones, folks because it’s 2003 all over again!

After months of speculation and paparazzi photos of the former couple running errands together. JLo finally gave fans what they have wanted for so long. Jennifer Lopez has given a confirmation that she and Ben Affleck are now officially dating.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Confirm They're Back Together

Making Bennifer’s long-awaited reunion Instagram Official, JLo shared a series of photos on social media to celebrate her 52nd birthday. Buried amongst a string of selfies was a shot of the pair sharing a kiss. The pictures were recently shared after they called off their engagement 17 years.

Both halves of Bennifer eventually went on to marry  and have children and later divorce. Ben with Jennifer Garner and Jen with Marc Anthony. However now it appears like both of them have found a way to bring the iconic celebrity couple back together.

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According to the sources, things are clearly going well for the pair in the relationship aspect and same can be said for their careers as well. Lopez was recently reported to be in the talks to star as the lead in the upcoming Netflix thriller, The Mother, while Affleck is now gearing up to reprise the role as Batman for DC’s The Flash.

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