Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a new pet

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a new pet

The couple formed by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who married twice throughout this summer in order to consolidate their love story, whose first chapter dates back 20 years, have been seen again in public this end for a week on the streets of Los Angeles, demonstrating with smiles and other gestures of affection that mentally both are still immersed in their particular honeymoon.

On this occasion, the two lovers were accompanied by the twins Max and Emme, the result of the extinct marriage of the Bronx diva with Marc Anthony, because one of the stops on their walk was an animal shelter in the city. A few hours later, the four emerged from the establishment with a cardboard box in which their new pet was found, of which at the moment no images have yet emerged.

In this way, the two lovers have expanded their family with a little animal that, surely, will become the best playmate of all the children that, separately, the two Hollywood stars have. Ben is the father of three children, Violet, Samuel and Seraphina, with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

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The music star and the protagonist of Oscar-winning films like ‘Argo’ lived a few weeks ago, at the wedding celebration they shared with all their friends and family at the estate that the actor has in the state of Georgia, one of the most special and exciting moments of your life. In the words of Jennifer Lopez herself, both felt “in heaven” during their three days of celebrations, in the midst of the “best of dreams.”

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