Jeremstar gets involved and warns!

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Jeremstar gets involved and warns!

The Dubai Porta Potty affair has been making headlines for several days now. Indeed, a video that has gone viral on Twitter shows behind the scenes of influencer paradise in the United Arab Emirates. The blogger Wassim TV notably highlighted several deviant sexual practices in which certain personalities indulge. Among the latter, stars from reality TV.

“On the Instagram accounts of these influencers and influencers who go to Dubai, you can see beautiful photos in private jets, beautiful photos in the desert, beautiful photos in magnificent suites. But all this has a price”, he explains before adding: “A lot of influencers that you see on social networks are indeed escorts. […] But if they want more money, they have to do a lot of things. […] Billionaires pay them to have intimate relationships with dogs and with camels too. “Shocking revelations which however do not date from yesterday.

“Reality TV is a catalog of prostitutes”

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Indeed, on October 5, 2017, Jeremstar unveiled his “official autobiography”, a book in which he tackles the subject of prostitution in the world of reality TV. “Do you think reality TV contestants are prostitutes? It’s true. I count on the fingers of a stump the girls who have never tapin. Do you think they are drug addicts? This is also true. Most of them are wine bags, lined with high-level skiers. ” […] YES, vermin, reality TV is a catalog of prostitutes, ”he wrote at the time.

Today, while the hashtag #dubaiportapotty is at the forefront of social media, Jeremstar is not surprised. On the contrary, he claims that further revelations could further tarnish the image of the influencers we all know. “I came across my diary… There are things… The day I publish this diary, I don’t think you have a clue… There are crazy stories… The day I take out this diary, it’s a tidal wave. »

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