Jessie J: Spotted With New Boyfriend After Channing Tatum

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Jessie J: Spotted With New Boyfriend After Channing Tatum

The 32-year-old singer – previously in an on-off relationship with Hollywood actor Channing Tatum – was spotted with her new husband in Los Feliz, California on Thursday, March 25th.

The “Bang Bang” singer, who split from Channing just last year, announced her new romance to the world earlier this month when she posted a series of photos on social media to explain her love for the choreographer.

Restaurant visit

Jessie J and Max Nguyen were now seen in casual clothes and face masks as they left a restaurant.

Jessie started dating her new boyfriend four months after they broke up with Channing. After breaking up a second time, a source claimed that Jessie and Channing’s longstanding troubles made it impossible for them to continue their relationship.

Is Jessie J luckier this time?

The insider said at the time, “They meant enough to each other to try again, but they realized that it was better to go their separate ways.” Another source claimed that “the same problems still arise.” Jessie had been in a relationship with the actor since October 2018 and lived with him in England. The couple separated in spring 2020.

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Hopefully, the singer will have more luck in the relationship with her new boyfriend.

No more hide and seek

“The text was actually quite nice, but the pictures?”, Jessie J wrote in her post and added a number of laughing emojis. In the photos, she looks like an old man and her boyfriend doesn’t get away well with his mouth wide open when trying her salad.

“We thought you deserved better options – and we’ll save you from hiding in cars and bushes,” the musician continued. In addition, she provided photos of the two on the beach, in the car, at a picnic, and on a romantic date evening. At the end of the funny post, she also corrected the headline of the said article: “PS: He’s not my buddy.” Since when the two have been a couple, Jessie J did not reveal.

In her Instagram story, the musician published more photos of the two, one of which was taken on New Year’s Eve, she revealed. In October 2020, Jessie J referred to herself as single again for the first time on Instagram. She previously had an on-off relationship with Tatum. After a month-long break in love, they found each other again in January 2020, and in April the first rumors about their separation again became loud.

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