Jim Carrey’s harsh reflection on what happened with Will Smith, what did he say?


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The arrival of April brings several releases to its credit, one of them being Sonic 2. The sequel to the successful 2020 film brings back Sega’s hedgehog and the evil Doctor Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey. Recently the actor was interviewed for the premiere of Sonic and during the talk the subject of the Oscars was touched on, especially the situation of Will Smith with the slap to Chris Rock.

During the award ceremony, humorist Chris Rock presented the category of Best Documentary. True to his style, Rock made jokes with those present, but one of them did not like Jada Pinkett and Will Smith at all. It happens that the comedian referred to the actress’s shaved look, which is the product of alopecia suffered by Jada. The comment unleashed the anger of Will, who did not hesitate, approached the stage and gave Chris a slap in the face.

Shortly after the tense situation, Smith was recognized with the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in King Richard. The Men In Black actor gave an emotional speech between tears and smiles, for which the public gave him a standing ovation.

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In an interview with CBS Morning for the premiere of Sonic 2, Jim Carrey was asked about Will Smith’s timing. The comedian spoke earnestly and tried to be “incoherent” about Hollywood’s behavior, adding that he “felt grossed out” by the standing ovation given to Will. Jim also offered his point of view by saying what he would have done if he got slapped. “I would sue Will for $200 million dollars, because that video will be there forever. It will be ubiquitous,” Carrey explained.

And here *Jim Carrey* says something that many refuse to see: “*Will Smith* has a lot of accumulated frustration and the *Chris Rock* thing was just a discharge of all that anger”…this explains why he laughed first, then would strike a blow, then shriek, and then celebrate. pic.twitter.com/jGfYFmS019

— Cloudy???uD83DuDD25 (@NubiaArizaga2) March 29, 2022

Jim stressed that anyone can criticize in the audience or on social media, but no one has the right to physically attack someone. “If you want to yell from the audience and show disapproval or say something on Twitter, you have no right to go on stage and punch someone in the face because he said words,” the 60-year-old actor explained.

Finally, Carrey stressed that what he experienced “was not a good time” for Will, but that he also turned off the rest of the winners and nominees. “A lot of people worked really hard to get to that place. And to have their moment in the sun, to get their reward for the really hard work they did, it’s no small feat to go through all the things you have to do,” she added.

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