Joe Manganiello Showers Light On Ben Affleck’s Batman!

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This would be the Batman of Ben Affleck, according to Joe Manganiello
The actor had a complete movie to put together to his liking, which never saw the light.

The return of Ben Affleck as Batman was one of the most anticipated by DCEU fans, who saw him this year in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” tape, but fans were left wanting to see the movie that he himself was directing and producing. Joe Manganiello recently shed light on how the film would have ended up in the hands of Matt Reeves.


What happened to Ben Affleck’s Batman movie that fans are demanding online with #MakeTheBatfleckMovie?


Manganiello, who seemed genuinely excited to reprise his Justice League role as Deathstroke in an earlier version of “The Batman,” revealed new bits of information about the Ben Affleck movie and everything seems to indicate that it would be a lot like the look. by Snyder.

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In a recent interview, Joe Manganiello compared his version of Deathstroke to a “horror movie villain” who made the Dark Knight’s life a real hell. Apparently, he would have done so by killing “everyone close” to Bruce Wayne, and the body count included some faces very familiar to the DCEU.

“Some of the usual characters that appeared in Batman, in the Batman movies, they were not going to survive. So it was going to be a cleaning house in many ways, “added the actor. And Although he did not give names, he mentioned that the film would feature Barbara Gordon as Batgirl as part of its supporting cast.

According to local press reports, AT&T is thinking of retaking the original Batman movie, yes, Ben Affleck’s to give the character a series on HBO Max. While it was also reported in the past that the 48-year-old actor does not want to continue playing the Dark Knight, it is now believed that even the Flash script will be modified so that Batman can continue.

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