Joel McHale Shares How His Dream Job in ‘Animal Control’ Fulfills His Ambitions

Jonny Hector

Published on:

Animal lover and former Community star Joel McHale is making his return to the small screen in a different kind of comedic ensemble. Animal Control follows the long-suffering officers of a Seattle animal-control department and their attempts to protect the public and its creatures. McHale plays Frank Shaw, an animal-control officer who has a cheery ex-pro snowboarder for a partner (Michael Rowland) and an awkward boss (Vella Lovell from Mr. Mayor).

Speaking to the press, McHale shared his enthusiasm for the new show: “I was drawn to it because the characters are so darn well-drawn… My wife was like, “This is a perfect job for you.” I love them. My wife was like, “This is a perfect job for you.” And just look at my Instagram. We have three dogs.” With experience capturing rattlesnakes and handling real kangaroos, McHale certainly seems more than qualified to take on the role.

The series promises even more as Community alumni Ken Jeong may join the cast in an upcoming season, if we can convince him. Be sure to check out Animal Control premiering Thursday, February 16 at 9/8 PM on Fox.

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