Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a relationship of “mutual abuse” according to therapist


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The trial initiated by Johnny Depp against the actress Amber Heard, who until 2016 was his wife, has brought many details to light, and although social network users seem not to be surprised by anything about the case, since both the statements and evidence, witnesses and versions of what happened, there is still much to contribute to clarify everything.

The actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tries not only to win the battle against his ex-partner, but also to show that he was not to blame for what happened in the stormy relationship and thus clear his name. It all started when, after her separation, Amber published an article in The Sun where Depp was branded as a “batterer of women”, there came the great ordeal for both Hollywood stars.

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During the trial held in the United States, the lawyers have presented a video statement by Laurel Anderson, who at some time assisted the couple problems that the actors were going through, being a couples therapist, she worked with Heard and Johnny in 2015, when they had 29 and 52 years old, respectively. The revelations of the specialist have brought more clarity to the case.

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Anderson said they both suffered child abuse. As a couple, they were involved in “mutual abuse,” she testified.

Heard’s father hit her, Anderson said, adding, “It was a point of pride for her if she felt disrespected by starting a fight.” Amber would also rather be in a fight with Depp than see him go, and she would “punch him to keep him there,” Anderson said.

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The therapist recalled a time when Heard told her that Depp “was ‘stepping up,’ as she would say, on a lot of drugs.” “And she slapped him because she was being incoherent and talking about being with another woman,” Anderson said. She noted that Depp’s mother was in the hospital at the time.

Amber Heard ‘gave all she got’

Anderson said that Johnny Depp told her that Heard “gave everything she got.” She also said that in at least one session in which she saw Heard alone, the actress told her that Depp hit her. She said Heard showed her bruises, both in photos and in person.

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Anderson said Heard also told her that Depp at one point allegedly said, “No one likes you. You’re getting fame from me. I’m falling in love with you. You are a whore.”

This combination of photos shows actors Johnny Depp, left, and Amber Heard inside the courtroom for Depp’s libel lawsuit against Heard in Fairfax County Circuit Court on April 12, 2022, in Fairfax, Va. Depp accused Heard of indirectly defaming him in a 2018 op-ed he wrote. (Brendan Smialowski, Pool via AP)

He also noted that Heard’s “jackhammer talking style” and habit of interrupting Depp overwhelmed him. I heard that he “wanted to want a divorce,” but he didn’t either, and was still thinking about what to do, he added.

She loved him. She loved. She wasn’t stupid. She knew that what they were doing was not healthy.”

Both Depp and Heard are expected to testify at the Fairfax County Circuit Court trial, scheduled for six weeks, along with actors Paul Bettany and James Franco and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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