Johnny Depp hoped to have a “proper goodbye” from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: “It was too painful”


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After the publication of several articles by Amber Heard accusing Johnny Depp of “violence”, the actor lost many work contracts. One of them was ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, where Disney fired them, and now Depp said he felt “betrayed” by the company.

Not only the opportunity to return to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, but also his next participation in ‘Fantastic Animals 3’ would have been rejected by Warner Bros. Thus, Johnny Depp lost any opportunity to continue working in major film productions.

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Recently, during the Amber Heard trial, Johnny Depp admitted that he would never return to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise even if Disney offered him $300 million dollars, and also said that he never saw any movies in the saga. Now for Movie Web, the actor mentioned.

It was too painful. It was like someone hit me in the back of the head with a plank…Captain Jack Sparrow was a character that I built from scratch and it was something that I put a lot of myself into the character and also working on these movies with these people and having added a lot of myself”

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In this regard, he mentions: “I did not understand very well how, after that long relationship and a very successful relationship certainly for Disney, suddenly I was guilty until my innocence was proven”, because before Depp was found guilty, Disney already had fired the actor for the fame of “wife beater” that Amber Heard defined in her article for The Sun.

Jack Sparrow wanted to end ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ well

However, Johnny Depp believes that, even so, the franchise should have finished up to the task, with him as Jack Sparrow: “My feeling was that these characters should have a proper goodbye, so to speak. A franchise can only last so long and there is a way to end a franchise like that and I thought the characters deserved to have their closure, to end the franchise on a really good note. I planned to continue until it was time to stop.”

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Upon his dismissal, Depp declares that the feeling was one of betrayal “by the people he had been working with, the people he had worked hard for, the people he had given a character they initially despised.” Currently ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ is still in development, although it is paused for the moment.

In case of proving his innocence in the case of violence against Amber Heard, Depp has declared that he would not work with Disney again, so seeing the next installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ with him as Jack Sparrow will be practically impossible. So the fans have already been against it becoming a reality without the actor in front.

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