‘Joker 2’ has many problems and the film with Joaquin Phoenix could take years to arrive


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Recently, Warner has confirmed that the following DC Comics movies, outside of the DCEU, will prioritize their director’s vision, after the success of ‘The Batman’. This could be reflected with ‘Joker 2’, and although it has not yet been confirmed, the movie with Joaquin Phoenix could be a few years from release.

After the success of ‘Joker’, fans expected to have news soon about the sequel to Todd Phillips’ film, however, it has been rumored for months that the second part would have already started pre-production, although Warner has not yet confirmed that this is going to happen.

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Now, new reports from The Ankler mention that things with ‘Joker 2’ have become more complicated than expected, since the script for the film starring Joaquin Phoenix has been a nightmare for Todd Phillips, who is in charge of developing the history of the tape, because he is not convinced with what he has worked on up to now.

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Previous rumors claimed that the production of ‘Joker 2’ would begin in early 2023, to be released in theaters possibly at some point in 2024. However, reports ensure that pre-production has been going through more problems than expected for Todd. Philips.

‘Joker 2’ could take longer than expected

It seems that at the moment there is no advanced draft of the script for ‘Joker 2’, so if it were presented right now, without revisions or modifications by Warner Bros, it could arrive in 2024. But due to the problems , the predictions put it at least for some point in 2025.

Although this is not a reason to say that there are serious problems, it could take 5 years between the first part and its sequel, a fairly long waiting time, and if things go as planned. Also, with the premiere of ‘The Batman’, Barry Keoghan’s Joker has once again put interest in the character.

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The first part of ‘Joker’ has become one of the most successful R-rated superhero movies of all time, with a $50 million investment, and grossing over a billion dollars in gross. everyone. The sequel seems imminent, but it won’t be anytime soon.   Click to load survey

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